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Folks, my buddy @photostrada is looking for some cool new people to meet on Twitter. Can anyone furnish him with some follow lurve? Cheers. 1:20 PM Mar 23rd 2009

@Agent_M The original TRANSPORTER is brilliant, too. T2 was awful. Have yet to see T3, but believe reviews weren't great. 1:15 PM Mar 23rd 2009

@Agent_M This one better be good; CRANK was fantastic, but Statham's dropped the ball a lot since. Fingers crossed C2 hits all the buttons. 1:13 PM Mar 23rd 2009

No thanks, Google ads, I'm good. 1:09 PM Mar 23rd 2009

@photostrada Heh. My cat hates IAMS. I get them again, every so often, and she's like, "No, Tesco's value or nothing at all." 1:01 PM Mar 23rd 2009

@jamieharrop Some of the stuff on Twitip etc gets 200-300 and I don't think even that trends. You probably need thousands. 12:59 PM Mar 23rd 2009

@jamieharrop Not sure what the numbers are, but they're high. My article today got 39 RTs. Didn't make any 'top 10'. :) 12:59 PM Mar 23rd 2009

@jamieharrop You're very welcome. :) 12:53 PM Mar 23rd 2009

@photostrada If you mix in diced bacon and stuff like that it can be a really winning meal. 12:53 PM Mar 23rd 2009

How to Stand Out in a Blogging Crowd. (Great advice from @jamieharrop) 12:47 PM Mar 23rd 2009

@retroblique Still impressive stuff, though mate. Looks great on the resume, I'd imagine. 12:35 PM Mar 23rd 2009

@retroblique Is the piece still available online? I used to get the US version imported but it was so expensive. 11:55 AM Mar 23rd 2009

@ianjc I think it's okay if you add via Twitter to the @wefollow account, but there are definitely problems on the website. 10:48 AM Mar 23rd 2009

@Disfunctional Heheh... :) 10:42 AM Mar 23rd 2009

@ianjc Every time I go there I get several. It's a bit annoying. Must be putting off a lot of folk. 10:40 AM Mar 23rd 2009

Man, I like the idea behind but it doesn't half go down a lot. Is it running off of Kevin Rose's iPhone? ;) 10:36 AM Mar 23rd 2009