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@feministyliz oo did you... what are you going for first? i had some wild experimentation and ended up with bubblegum. 2:53 PM Nov 20th 2008

stroking the iphone all over its pretty little face 2:44 PM Nov 20th 2008

@MeabhRitchie Ah that's interesting (and yes, maybe scary) I love "Shane has the educational abilities of a lettuce" 5:35 AM Nov 10th 2008

writing those stories about dogs again. 3:16 AM Nov 10th 2008

@nadjao berlin - amazing! oh jobs i know, jobs in london? it's well easier when you're here.. and theres leads+friends, what u looking at? 12:21 PM Oct 23rd 2008

@nadjao Hello! i'm good thanks, all the better for looking at wolf-pugs. just y'know, scampering round doin media in london. YOu?stillcomin? 9:31 AM Oct 23rd 2008

oh yes they did. i love human beings. to be honest it looks more like a monkey the poor creature 8:33 AM Oct 23rd 2008

Yeah.. i think it's helpful.. to start with. It is hard to know. I wonder what the PB model is.. 8:29 AM Oct 23rd 2008

@MeabhRitchie No. It's true! look: It made my day yesterday.. 6:38 AM Oct 23rd 2008

someone dressed a dog up as an iphone 6:32 AM Oct 23rd 2008

twhirling around and around 6:16 AM Oct 23rd 2008

About 2 launch out and buy an aubergine- its taken a few hrs deliberation.. 10:11 AM Sep 1st 2008

extricating blue death dust from the crevices of my l-top 7:41 AM Aug 9th 2008

looking at the little calcium smears on the window left by 'vaporated rain drops 3:12 AM Jul 3rd 2008

twiddling my thumbs 4:04 AM Jun 26th 2008

signing onto twitter 4:15 PM Apr 30th 2008