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@alasdairf O RLY? why? 9:27 AM Nov 26th 2009

RT @shinyashley: T3 online to go behind a pay wall? 9:27 AM Nov 26th 2009

@Diggerlisa sez: So much more active fun that moving your fingers #girlspreferwii 9:23 AM Nov 26th 2009

interstin: @britl on why girls prefer the wii: Harvest Moon and mini-games - more female-friendly 9:22 AM Nov 26th 2009

Stats show 80% of girl gamers own the wii - is the wii just for girls? why do girls like the wii? 9:18 AM Nov 26th 2009

if someone bought you a virtual xmas present would you.. a) thank them, b) slap them? don't think i'd be v impressed 6:06 AM Nov 26th 2009

virtual presents the new "real" presents ...? 6:04 AM Nov 26th 2009

iraqi govt starts a youtube channel... great, but we wonder what the comments will be like? 4:37 AM Nov 26th 2009

so apparently, letting employees go on facebook in the office makes them work *better* 4:33 AM Nov 26th 2009

@coscomputing yes, lolz on fire this afternoon... :/ 9:59 AM Nov 25th 2009

@Screenjabber thnx for the grdn links 9:58 AM Nov 25th 2009

*cropping* groan, that wasn't even a joke 9:57 AM Nov 25th 2009

thanks for interesting comments on farmville.. "addictive" seems to be a word that keeps cropping up 9:56 AM Nov 25th 2009

@RNewcombe Farmtown eh? haven't heard of that one... 9:47 AM Nov 25th 2009

doing a little story on fb game Farmville later - any fans out there? why do you guys like it? 8:43 AM Nov 25th 2009

Fair enough: RT @starsparkle: took me 10mins to show my mum to use an iPhone vs. the 3hrs it took for her nokia! Easier to use, not elitist. 8:36 AM Nov 25th 2009

Unbuckling my trousers... Well, rice is very filling! [Katie] 9:08 AM Jan 23rd 2007

Watching Katie deal with the expansion of the rice in her stomach from lunch. Wish You Were Here [Susi] 9:01 AM Jan 23rd 2007

Wishing I hadn't read Anna's Twitter about the sperm backlog 11:52 AM Jan 22nd 2007

Wondering why no one of note has emailed, called, skyped, or smoke signalled me in the last two hours.Have I dropped off the face of the earth?Susi 7:37 AM Jan 22nd 2007

Writing about Twitter on Shiny Shiny [Katie] 5:27 AM Jan 22nd 2007

Watching videos of Ashley's new baby and staring at the drizzle. [Katie] 4:48 AM Jan 22nd 2007

Wondering when on earth Friday will end. And what I'm going to have for tea tonight. 8:10 AM Jan 19th 2007

Being lonely, as everyone else has buggered off to meetings. 6:35 AM Jan 18th 2007

Chuckling to myself, because the picture of me in thelondonpaper makes me look like I'm naked [susi] 2:34 PM Jan 17th 2007

Realising that going to sleep at 8pm will inevitably result in being awake at 4am. 8:55 PM Jan 16th 2007

Writing about moisturisers on 7:09 AM Jan 16th 2007

Ooh! Woodpecker on the birdfeeder in my garden! Haven't seen him for a while. [Katie] 6:55 AM Jan 16th 2007

Doing a Googlefight for Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody to see who wins (it's Shilpa, yay!) [Katie] 6:54 AM Jan 16th 2007

Dragging ourselves out of bed and into the shower, ready for another day of hardcore blogging. [Susi] 2:09 AM Jan 16th 2007

Telling Katie off for not doing her work, and looking at the naked boys in the building opposite. 10:46 AM Jan 15th 2007

Trying not to watch the naked boys in the building opposite 10:45 AM Jan 15th 2007