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Director just casually dropped a bombshell. I have to ride a mule tomorrow. A thousand boiling arses. Two hours up a mountain. Buttery fuck. 6:42 PM Feb 24th 2009

@Tsaksonakis Have done! 6:02 PM Feb 24th 2009

Whoops: that should be"spyhopping" not "spyholing". Thanks to @behlzebub and others. Can't imagine WHAT I was thinking of... 6:00 PM Feb 24th 2009

Sad sight ... 5:51 PM Feb 24th 2009

The fluke ... 5:49 PM Feb 24th 2009

Spyholing,it's called. Popping the head up to have a look. 5:46 PM Feb 24th 2009

Yeah, well. Exactly. But there you are. 5:41 PM Feb 24th 2009

Purdy much feeling better: the Ambien Tequila "cure" cured nothing but gave me 11 hours (weird) sleep. Not recommended, lol! 4:05 PM Feb 24th 2009

Yup, that's me. San Ignacio Springs, plumb in the middle of Baja California, Mexico. 4:02 PM Feb 24th 2009

Does this map reference work? 4:00 PM Feb 24th 2009 11:18 AM Feb 24th 2009

Hoping weird night will have purged me of fever. Still sleepy but ready for transfer to St Ignacio town, 2 miles hence 11:05 AM Feb 24th 2009

Tiny tequila. Ambien. Bed by 730p. Slept till 130a then till 8. Hysteric delirium: staggering about tears fever weirdness 10:27 AM Feb 24th 2009

O.M.arse-mothering.G!!! Tony Almeida is alive!! Alive and angry. How will Jack Bauer cope? *tremble* 6:25 PM Feb 23rd 2009

On a happier note, our boat was surrounded by friendly whales. Leaping, stroking, playing, pushing the boat, blowing bubbles :) 5:14 PM Feb 23rd 2009

Thx everybody. Will indeed block @AWE_CWW1when I'm better connected. No room for such mean loveless cruelty in our Twittersphere I hope. 4:23 PM Feb 23rd 2009

@AWE_CWW1 go away and bother me no more, you silly, cruel and unwholesome people. You dishonour the founder of your faith. 4:14 PM Feb 23rd 2009

Sad sight of recently dead juvenile gray whale floating in lagoon, gulls pecking at it. 1 creature's ill-luck a blessing to others. I sp ... 11:50 AM Feb 23rd 2009

715 am. Tequila sunrise ...not hungover but brute of a cold has overtaken me. Off in an hour for more whale encounters. 7:17 AM Feb 23rd 2009

@CoolieJartmell Who? You? Yoo hoo! 8:00 PM Feb 22nd 2009

@sandieb321 Occasionally. But then the signal fades ... 7:18 PM Feb 22nd 2009

The common cormorant (or shag) Lays eggs inside a paper bag ... 7:11 PM Feb 22nd 2009

Tequila. That's all I have to say. Tequila. Damn you, Tequila. Odi et amo. Oh dear. Oh my. 6:31 PM Feb 22nd 2009

Despite all, I'll bet anything some ppl still asking "where are you?" and "why is your avatar pic blacked out?" LOL. 3:18 PM Feb 22nd 2009

Also means won't be able to post pics for 2 days when I'll be back in data-signal land. But the whales are fantastic. I'm so lucky it's ... 2:11 PM Feb 22nd 2009

Sorry I can't read your tweets yet: text from mobile only here (if someone asks "where are you Stephen?") scream at them! 2:09 PM Feb 22nd 2009

OMG to the power of 10! Mother & calf grey whale swam with us, played with us. Astounding, wonderful, joyous experience. Sx 11:25 AM Feb 22nd 2009

Friends tell me they're getting thru. Hurrah! Whales blowing dead ahead. We're making for them. 9:28 AM Feb 22nd 2009

No way of knowing if these are getting thru (text me those who know my number to let me know). Grey whales blowing on horizon x 8:40 AM Feb 22nd 2009

Reception SO fragile. My iPhones don't like the weak signal, BBerry sometimes gets thru. Off in 12 ms to paddle our pangas with the whales. 8:14 AM Feb 22nd 2009

God I'm stupid sometimes: you can send pix via Twitterberry. What an arse I am. Thx and apols to all x 6:48 PM Feb 21st 2009

Faintly frustrating how the signal comes and goes, but let's be honest - any signal in so remote a spot is a miracle x 6:35 PM Feb 21st 2009

Only trub with TwitterBerry is that I can't post pix. Bah, poo, botty and tit. Oh well: "La hora feliz" has been announced in the palapa x 5:09 PM Feb 21st 2009

BlackBerry has stronger recepsh, so let's see if Twitterberry can tweet this out at you... 4:21 PM Feb 21st 2009

Coo. What a stroke of luck! A signal! And on and off it's EDGE, which means internet. 4:07 PM Feb 21st 2009

Incredibly faint signal. This may be it for 3 days. I love you all. Byeee 2:55 PM Feb 21st 2009

Off we go x 12:16 PM Feb 21st 2009

In San Ignacio we'll be staying at a solar powered ecolodge. Excellent, but i'net free, so may not be able to tweet for 3 days. We'll see. 11:54 AM Feb 21st 2009

Arrived at military airport: awaiting Cessna Caravan which will take us to San Ignacio lagoon where grey whales are to be found. We hope! 11:47 AM Feb 21st 2009

Just passed the Fox Studios, Baja whee they made Titanic etc. Saw the boat from Master & Commander - flashed by too fast for photo. Sorry x 10:08 AM Feb 21st 2009

Well! Built up as a huge problem, but customs nodded us through. We're crossing the Tijuana River. Hola Mexico! 9:44 AM Feb 21st 2009

Through immigration. Customs now. Can be tricky apparently. We've lots of equipment for them to check. 9:32 AM Feb 21st 2009

25 mins from the borderino. Practising my Spanish - pero soy muy stupido 9:07 AM Feb 21st 2009

Just testing text-to-twitter capability. Might be in places where only GSM is available. x 8:38 AM Feb 21st 2009

Hm ... 8:37 AM Feb 21st 2009

Only a 25 minute walk this morning. All assembling in 30 minutes for drive to the border and Tijuana... my Herb Alpert collection is ready. 8:21 AM Feb 21st 2009

RT: favourite palindrome? Mine: "Lisa Bonet ate no basil"(via @danpinder) - Mm, good, but I prefer "Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas" 7:49 PM Feb 20th 2009

No sooner up than down. Hello, San Diego. 7:03 PM Feb 20th 2009

@DanielPStones Correct x 6:03 PM Feb 20th 2009

Oops. Well spotted: should be anagram of "laptop machines" of course, not "machine" - forgive x 6:01 PM Feb 20th 2009

Oh you are quick, all of you! Yes, Apple Macintosh it is ... Well, flight called, off I go. Kiss kiss xx 5:55 PM Feb 20th 2009

@Hjulcompaniet Er, there's no 'r' in what? 5:53 PM Feb 20th 2009

Of course my favourite anagram is "laptop machine" which is an anagram of ....... ? 5:51 PM Feb 20th 2009

RT "On the subject of anagrams, I hope you're not heading to Newark anytime soon?" (via @davidpriestley) Will amuse Brits but baffle others 5:48 PM Feb 20th 2009

RT San Diego is an anagram of "Diagnose" (via @frizfrizzle) - thanks for that, @frizfrizzle 5:39 PM Feb 20th 2009

Phew! Security cleared: sitting at bar, vodka n soda to hand (first and last of day, I think). See you in San Diego, tweetdudes x 5:06 PM Feb 20th 2009

Final meeting over. Rental car returned. On Hertz bus on way to airport terminal. Farewell LA, hello Last Chance To See filming. Whales! 4:19 PM Feb 20th 2009

Mm. Thanks for hangover cures. Not sure about Gatorade: the colour might provoke a regurgitative reaction but liquids yes - plenty of them x 9:52 AM Feb 20th 2009

@rachelmonkey It's a great idea and one I've been pushing Johns Lloyd and Mitchinson (producers) to get on with... 9:51 AM Feb 20th 2009

Sight of the evening, Sweet Dev Patel bouncing like a puppy. So happy for him. Madonna, Elton & David, Josh, Ryan etc. I think Cecconi a hit 9:46 AM Feb 20th 2009

Fact is, your tweeter has a beast of a hangover. Cecconi's last night. Hollywood at its Hollywoodest. 9:46 AM Feb 20th 2009

Forgive silence. 8:45am, I've walked and I've packed. Three meetings and then a flight south to San Diego. Mexico and filming tomorrow. x 9:45 AM Feb 20th 2009

Its bonkers here at Cecconi's. Elton and David, the boy from the Reader, Dev from Slumdog, Lily A - overload! 10:46 PM Feb 19th 2009

Nice ... 6:18 PM Feb 19th 2009

The following explains Ted Cunterblast: about a minute or so in - 4:54 PM Feb 19th 2009

It is true: Ted Cunterblast understood the W. Indies all too well. 4:20 PM Feb 19th 2009

Got to hand it to the Windies. Just think how proud we'd be if our tailenders did something like that. Heigh ho. 3:05 PM Feb 19th 2009

Oh my lord. The cricket! Too exciting for words. Eeek. 2:34 PM Feb 19th 2009

Gorgeous day. Long walk. Many meetings. Running late. Please excuse. Catch later. Much love. x 10:00 AM Feb 19th 2009

@Fryphile Must be the chocolate milk, Jezzer, but so kind of you to say so anyway ... x 8:15 PM Feb 18th 2009

w00t ! I haz wrapt, innit - goodbye Bones. I shall miss you all. 8:10 PM Feb 18th 2009 5:31 PM Feb 18th 2009

@roundmatt Yes, but a reworking of classic folkloric abandoned baby myths too, don't you think? Plus symmetrical farce (à la Com of Errors) 5:26 PM Feb 18th 2009

Last scene for me. But at least three more hours on it, I suspect. 5:23 PM Feb 18th 2009

Well, dash it all. Showed a friend round the set, by the time I came out craft services had moved food away. Hope to catch it on other stage 3:55 PM Feb 18th 2009

Right. Well. Flight to Nairobi moved to 10.30 tomorrow morning. One more night at home. Hurrah! 10:21 AM Oct 10th 2008

It's all about coffee and packing now... 1:08 AM Oct 10th 2008

to be followed by quite so many people should stop me getting lost in the equatorial forests next week ... 12:43 PM Oct 9th 2008

Look out for 2.0 over the next few days. So long as I can text or publish tweets I will ... 12:42 PM Oct 9th 2008

My Web site is being overhauled and will embed my tweets from around the world as I embark on my travels... 12:42 PM Oct 9th 2008

I will do my level best to hang around and see what's up here, but ... well ... it isn't easy. 12:41 PM Oct 9th 2008

thank you for your astoundingly kind attentions. I wish I could answer you all individually, but I'm afraid that isn't possible... 12:40 PM Oct 9th 2008

bother. Not very impressive use of my 140 characters. I meant to say this... 12:39 PM Oct 9th 2008

ith everyone individually, but scale is the very devil. Thank you, thank you everyone. My tweets will link with my website www.stephenfr ... 12:24 PM Oct 9th 2008

Golly, crumbs, heckamighty and all the powerful legal swears and cusses Twitter will allow. Bowled over by this attention. Wish I could ... 12:24 PM Oct 9th 2008

aunches over the weekend, in the meantime thanks for following. I read and follow back when I can. Much love. X 12:24 PM Oct 9th 2008

@ruskin147 I'll do my best to avoid any more breakages x 8:39 AM Oct 9th 2008

@awilkinson very kind, but site makeover under way x 8:36 AM Oct 9th 2008

... thinking about getting ready to pack for Africa. Nervous that he'll look like ten types of tit on Never Mind the Buzzcocks tonight. 8:12 AM Oct 9th 2008

Fellow Twitterers, you can verify that it is me by viewing the link from - I look forward to sharing my travels 7:38 AM Oct 9th 2008

Hello Twitterers. I'm About to fly to Africa for a new project and will be tweeting whilst I'm filming. 6:32 AM Oct 9th 2008