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I have a long night of editing... a librarian interview. But sprinkled with all those pretty artist books. Somehow it'll come together. 11:24 PM Jan 7th 2009

Yep, I own a 5D MkII. 1 min of 1920x1080 video is around 300MB. Currently only have 8GB card, wanting a 32GB Sans Disk III Extreme. 3:09 PM Jan 7th 2009

With the exception of @theuptake meeting, I'll be spending much of the next 24 hours ed-d-d-i-it-t-i-n-n-g-g. 5D footage is chunkybig yo. 2:51 PM Jan 7th 2009

@amazingamanda You cover way more spread eagle, too. :-D 2:44 PM Jan 7th 2009

Can somebody throw Rick Astley in the mix and animate this mofo? 2:42 PM Jan 7th 2009

Hey look, it's AmandaBoom! ;-) (don't hate me, i like it!) 2:06 PM Jan 7th 2009

Rep. Keith Ellison talks to al Jazeera English for nearly 10 mins about Gaza and Israel: 8:39 AM Jan 7th 2009

Coleman Campaign Admits Finally (sort of) That We Are Media #mnrecount 1:25 AM Jan 7th 2009

Wow... all I can say is, Advantage: McIntee. UpTake finally gets some proper (if extremely reluctant) treatment as press from you-know-who. 11:18 PM Jan 6th 2009

@H2Oski So far no reason not to install Boxee on AppleTV... access to Comedy Central, Hulu, high quality YouTube, torrents, ABC, etc. Cool! 8:05 PM Jan 6th 2009

Successfully installed Boxee on our AppleTV. Daily Show full episodes - check! Now just need them to get Netflix working for AppleTV. 7:45 PM Jan 6th 2009

Replay of Franken campaign response to Coleman filing election contest now 3:56 PM Jan 6th 2009

Had to miss today's Coleman presser + Franken response. Was shooting fancy art books at the Walker. Would've liked 5D footage of Coleman. 3:51 PM Jan 6th 2009

Glad I got to see The Stooges play this in-store in Austin with guitarist Ron Asheton b4 he died: 12:18 PM Jan 6th 2009

@dustytrice oh dang! we'll meet in person one of these days. today maybe a little chaotic. I met @cursedthing though. :-) 5:35 PM Jan 5th 2009

Al Franken's press conference is looping on #mnrecount 5:31 PM Jan 5th 2009

The only photo of MN senate results certificate being signed: #mnrecount 5:16 PM Jan 5th 2009

Interesting to note that the Strib didn't livestream rejected ballot counting Sat. but they did stream Vikings pre/postgame on Sunday. 4:33 PM Jan 5th 2009

Well a crazy day running from the Canvassing Board mtg to Franken outside his condo. Editing raw snapshots at @theuptake office now. 4:32 PM Jan 5th 2009

Coleman lawyers "process is broken" and say theoretically recount should be started over #mnrecount 2:03 PM Jan 5th 2009

Ouch! WSJ has some terse words for MN: (via @sarah_mn) 11:55 AM Jan 5th 2009

"Can you get de-bitchinated coffee?" - my friend Johnny after sleepover breakfast 2:28 PM Jan 4th 2009

Thanks all loving the 5D footage - I'm head over heels too! Yes. Pants Status: Control touch reduces hand fatigue 11:37 PM Jan 3rd 2009

Here's Franken lawyer Mark Elias in high def, shot on my 5D MKii (raw, no tripod) Sweet. 6:24 PM Jan 3rd 2009

@theuptake estimating Franken ahead by 225 votes at the end of today. #mnrecount 5:06 PM Jan 3rd 2009

@jodiwilldare You win! This thing, where someone tells you something and you say it again, a "quote" "" """"""" 1:01 PM Jan 3rd 2009

@acarvin I suppose OH would work, but this was something actually told to me. Help I can't talk with out weird twitbreviations! 12:57 PM Jan 3rd 2009

rt @tomelko "Puppies + ballots = gold" (what do you call a retweet of something said in person?) 12:52 PM Jan 3rd 2009

Wonder why BBC headline and article says "Pakistan girl band" but they refer to themselves as Pakistani women: 12:48 PM Jan 3rd 2009

NYT "Commentary from The Uptake’s Mike McIntee... like a golf announcer in hushed towns describing a big putt." 12:31 PM Jan 3rd 2009

Looks like The UpTake is back up: 11:53 AM Jan 3rd 2009

Here are some photos from #mnrecount today: 11:52 AM Jan 3rd 2009 is the place to watch until our site is back up. Currently on lunch break. #mnrecount 11:15 AM Jan 3rd 2009

( is temporarily down... we'll keep you updated. such a popular girl. ) 11:15 AM Jan 3rd 2009

Hugh Hewitt links to The UpTake without editorializing - thanks! 11:10 AM Jan 3rd 2009

So... apparently Norm Coleman's senate term just now officially expired? #mnrecount 10:06 AM Jan 3rd 2009

Check out The UpTake's Top Videos of 2008, linked by USA Today: 11:06 PM Jan 2nd 2009

I'm now fully stocked on EmergenC, Zinc, various fancy antioxidant juices, naps and assorted nasal doucheries. Head cold yr days r numbered 7:23 PM Jan 2nd 2009

@taulpaul So glad to hear Eve is home safe! 2009 may now proceed without further interruption. 7:04 PM Jan 2nd 2009

Back from shooting an interview with the Walker's librarian, who co-curated "Text/Messages" artist book exhibit. 11:51 AM Jan 2nd 2009

YouTube email: "Guy craps on car - Check out what i really wanna do 2 to see guy crap on a car." Yeah, no. No. 8:56 PM Jan 1st 2009

Blargh, head cold preventing me from filming awesome lineup at Jim Walsh's hootenany tonight. But it'll be live 4:26 PM Jan 1st 2009

TIME - why not? 1:25 PM Jan 1st 2009

Pants Status 2009: Human after all 9:35 AM Jan 1st 2009

@dbrauer Thanks for the huge UpTake props on MPR! "Citizen J version of MPR" 8:16 AM Jan 1st 2009

Lorika just said "Dude I wanna listen to 'Celebration'!" DENIED // Meanwhile very much enjoying a brandy hot toddy. 1:31 AM Jan 1st 2009

Please enjoy these very handsome 5D photos from @lorika13 and myself. 12:51 AM Jan 1st 2009

@GlobalPunditOrg You kicked ass in 2008 bro! 2009 = MassivePunditOrg 12:50 AM Jan 1st 2009

@cecilmenk We love your island too, wish we were there! Happy fucking speculative actual new year, spirit walkers 12:43 AM Jan 1st 2009

Comin' atcha live now: . 11:11 PM Dec 31st 2008

Mallman has Lizard People on stage. And they totally covered MGMT what's uuup! 10:56 PM Dec 31st 2008

Mallman kicking it off with a Genesis cover was freakin sweet. Live at 10:44 PM Dec 31st 2008

@howwastheshow Aiigh we're missing E.L.nO! Hope they keep synthrocking.... 9:39 PM Dec 31st 2008

Just waking from at least my 3rd long nap today. Damn nasty head cold. Dreamt my mom took us to Coney Island for NYE. 8:48 PM Dec 31st 2008

Coleman files with MN Supreme Court. Franken press conference live momentarily at #mnrecount 4:30 PM Dec 31st 2008

@aeklund Thanks for the Strib shoutout, yo! 3:38 PM Dec 31st 2008

Pants Status: Canon 5D Mark II 1:06 PM Dec 31st 2008

The UpTake makes The Center for Public Integrity's Top 10 - wow! Thanks @jayrosen_nyu - pure luck, worth an AP check. :) 1:05 PM Dec 31st 2008

Mark Mallman liked my vid of him ( ) and said "TONIGHT, I WILL FLY" 10:57 AM Dec 31st 2008

@stephenhero *man-hug* 10:55 AM Dec 31st 2008

@quick13 Suuuure. :-) Coleman press dude Mark Drake said "nice work" to me right about the same time GOP's press release was going out. 9:41 AM Dec 31st 2008

Sorry for being chatty this morn. (1) I'm sick, (2) Dreamt I hung with @stephenhero. Projectors in his apt. and colorful guitar deliveries. 8:57 AM Dec 31st 2008

@JeffRosenberg UpTake was official pool feed last week too. I was the lone cam guy nearly behind Judge Gearin, trying to be invisible. 8:55 AM Dec 31st 2008

rt @MnIndyLIVE UpTake to GOP: Thanks for watching! #mnrecount 8:50 AM Dec 31st 2008

@mitchpberg Last week and this week @theuptake is both filming + providing pool feed via Mogulus. Normally video source is house vid staff. 8:46 AM Dec 31st 2008

@mitchpberg Check out my vid "Waiting for Palin" to prove your point... high quality is better. 8:44 AM Dec 31st 2008

@mitchpberg I was in the room with Palin - and honestly, yes I was very excited to be there. :-) Crowd was way more excited for her. 8:43 AM Dec 31st 2008

Finally I can go to bed, because I posted this kickass New Years Eve with Mallman video! 3:12 AM Dec 31st 2008

Another favorite photo from 2008 - sums up McCain/Palin campaign? (ouch!) 1:50 AM Dec 31st 2008

Just found video of Jason Calacanis taking a photo of @JeffJarvis and @Scobleizer with their sons. It looks just like you'd imagine. 11:26 PM Dec 30th 2008

#3 on mnpACT!'s "Top 10 Best Political Persons in 2008 Minnesota" is The UpTake: 11:03 PM Dec 30th 2008

Check out this menacing hawk-like moth, just emerged from a 3-week metamorphosis: 6:06 PM Jul 18th 2007

Ahhh rain. Just finished a long interview with MSP mag. @davidhowell and @garrickvanburen - totally namedropped you guys. 3:14 PM Jul 18th 2007

Vampire Power (mwahahaha) from Real World Green. Highly recommended. (thanks Blip!) 1:29 PM Jul 18th 2007

Waiting to get interviewed, having a little diet Red Bull. I know, I know. 1:20 PM Jul 18th 2007

I liked this Project Pedal video, in the middle of windy NoDak: 9:29 AM Jul 18th 2007

@ruperthowe Thanks for that link... a terrible life. 8:35 AM Jul 18th 2007

OK time for bed. Working on a new video citizen journo project called The Uptake. Sneak preview today of sorts. 3:52 AM Jul 18th 2007

Sen. Mccain trying to paint a rosy picture on CSPAN. Sure Fallujah etc. are better, but the violence has simply moved to other areas. Grrrr! 1:54 AM Jul 18th 2007

Sometimes, I email little funny ideas to myself. Examples: "Pelvic mist" and "President of ice cream" 11:19 PM Jul 17th 2007

Why am I so silly tipsy on one glass of beer? Must be because it's GULDEN DRAAK 10:25 PM Jul 17th 2007

Just got interviewed by our man Jackson West. Bill Cammack, I'm hot on your heels. 3:35 PM Jul 17th 2007

Minnesota Stories has posted 471 videos since starting in July 2005. A little Happy 2 yr Vlogiverary message today. 4:58 AM Jul 17th 2007

HOTT new video. Butterfly Pee! 4:31 AM Jul 17th 2007

Today's MN Stories video will feature a midi Fleetwood Mac song, thanks to @ruperthowe . 3:38 AM Jul 17th 2007

I'm so glad Twitter got rid of the paragraphs in the sidebar. Ahh, clean information again. 2:05 AM Jul 17th 2007

Oops, did I say that out loud? I have so many fine unedited Minnesota Stories. The problem is I look at it in the daunting wee hours. 1:52 AM Jul 17th 2007