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Blog by @isemann actually. Sorry! Good to know! Sorry! 10:52 AM Nov 30th 2009

Good to know! Sorry for being over-cautious but I worry about you lot. (blog by @Anjeebaby) 10:44 AM Nov 30th 2009

One good rule for dirty talk is never to say, during any part of it, "...THIS, I SWEAR!" 10:30 AM Nov 30th 2009

RT: @Cautivo: The Guardian are compiling the 50 top games of the decade and we can vote! 9:02 AM Nov 30th 2009

Another nice number from The Books 8:54 AM Nov 30th 2009

@deborahdunnett xx 6:11 AM Nov 30th 2009

Thanks for all the help, you guys. An 5:06 AM Nov 30th 2009

@RufusHound I see what you mean. I usually don't see stories like this. How ridiculous 4:59 AM Nov 30th 2009

Trying to clean install windows 7 64-bit but pc refuses to boot from the CD. This (Alienware) desktop=nothing but trouble from day 1 4:50 AM Nov 30th 2009

Writer's Guild Awards. Just said "congratulations for 'Fable'" to the guy who wrote 'Prince of Persia'. Duhhhh.... 3:17 PM Nov 29th 2009

RT @pekingspring: Googling 'toddler tongs' returns 'Did you mean toddler thongs?' Pass the mind bleach… 11:44 AM Nov 29th 2009

@mungler haha!! 11:43 AM Nov 29th 2009

Toddler Tongs are very long, so you don't even have to be in the same room as the child. And any noises of complaint are v distant. 11:42 AM Nov 29th 2009

RT @hellybabes: what are toddler tongs? (very useful product for transporting children to and from baths, picking them out of puddles etc) 11:40 AM Nov 29th 2009

@john_self haha! 11:33 AM Nov 29th 2009

He looked like Buster Merryfield. 11:30 AM Nov 29th 2009

@DavidGArnold yes but the YouTube channel is just one example of carrot over stick. not everyone does it. Try and watch SNL in this county! 9:42 AM Oct 8th 2009

@DavidGArnold but that is just one of the thousands of examples in which a lot more imagination is required than 3 strikes 9:32 AM Oct 8th 2009

@DavidGArnold well, I disagree that the experience is the same. 9:30 AM Oct 8th 2009

@DavidGArnold really? Wow...tough crowd! 9:25 AM Oct 8th 2009

3rd "it's breast cancer awareness month in Ireland " (via @kezzamcfezza) 9:23 AM Oct 8th 2009

@DavidGArnold what penalty should this guy receive? 9:21 AM Oct 8th 2009

2nd: @deviantgent "a dear friend's family, relying on the kndnss of strngrs to help put their life bck tgther. " 9:18 AM Oct 8th 2009

Charity Retweet time! 1st from @RichChat78 "My mate Dom's very worthy (and mad) cycle @tccchallenge" 9:17 AM Oct 8th 2009

@DavidGArnold I guess I think three-strikes is all stick and no carrot... 9:09 AM Oct 8th 2009

@DavidGArnold but the music was by other artists....she wasn't sharing her own music 8:59 AM Oct 8th 2009

@DavidGArnold not that there's anything wrong with doing that in the first place...just weird that she doesn't want anyone else to do it 8:54 AM Oct 8th 2009

@DavidGArnold sharing mixtapes on her blog and then arguing that anyone else who does so should have their internet connections slowed 8:53 AM Oct 8th 2009

@linopolis yes, can't wait for the Seinfeld stuff... 8:08 AM Oct 8th 2009

@Lacobus 7:56 AM Oct 8th 2009

@richchat78 put #GlinnerRT on it and I'll put it in the hat! 7:49 AM Oct 8th 2009

Al Franken rules! 7:23 AM Oct 8th 2009

Sarkozy joins Lily Allen's do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do club. 7:09 AM Oct 8th 2009

@VonBear the one I went to sold out... 7:07 AM Oct 8th 2009

@hondanhon got that email! Remind me in a few months and thanks for thinking of me! 6:40 AM Oct 8th 2009

@mattleys that Vrown film looks amazing 6:39 AM Oct 8th 2009

@hellycake RT: @IvyBean104 : Hello every one hope you are all ok im just watching tv waiting for @mrpeterandreto come on loose women 6:37 AM Oct 8th 2009

@MerylORourke sorry, I forgot the ;) 6:36 AM Oct 8th 2009

@MerylORourke eat or nap? And people talking about Google Wave are boring??? 6:34 AM Oct 8th 2009

I would watch such a program! 6:11 AM Oct 8th 2009

RT: @IvyBean104: Hello every one hope you are all ok im just watching tv waiting for @mrpeterandre to come on loose women (!!!!!!!!!!!!) 6:10 AM Oct 8th 2009

RT: @PeterClumpy: I think we should celebrate with this little ditty 6:09 AM Oct 8th 2009

'The Room' screening in Leeds! 6:07 AM Oct 8th 2009

@doctorcamel that moth joke! Aces! 5:55 AM Oct 8th 2009

Can we get @VicDarkwood his 'full-beast' 666 followers? Vic, what will you do of we can achieve this? 5:49 AM Oct 8th 2009

I have 333 followers. That's the sign of the half-beast. How appropriate. (via @VicDarkwood) 5:47 AM Oct 8th 2009

The audience, clapping God. 4:37 AM Oct 8th 2009 (via @PopeRamone & @charltonbrooker) bestest thing: the way they speak to Harry at end like he's from a different planet 4:27 AM Oct 8th 2009

The Berlin reunion (via @Glinner) (in case you missed it last night) 3:57 AM Oct 8th 2009

@TomDavenport I did! I know it from online in-browser version. Very, very cool game 3:56 AM Oct 8th 2009

Bloody hell, things change fast on Twitter. 6:34 PM Oct 7th 2009

The NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has now cancelled its tsunami warning and watch in the Pacific Ocean (via @Toa5t) 6:34 PM Oct 7th 2009

@RealSharHorgan oh, there's some real Harvard minds in that comments section, all right... 5:31 PM Oct 7th 2009

@sohanlon07 available everywhere! 5:26 PM Oct 7th 2009

@FairyDave more or less, yes! 3:26 PM Oct 7th 2009

RT: @robertflorence: Oh, games industry. Sigh. 1:53 PM Oct 7th 2009

RT: @mysty: Petition to bring back the ernest marples postcode api: 1:51 PM Oct 7th 2009

@SockDog @splashdamage Oooooooh! Brink looks lovely! 1:50 PM Oct 7th 2009

@Scarybug thanks, sir! 1:48 PM Oct 7th 2009

RT @simonblackwell: RT @jonsanhoi: Chris Grayling's masterclass on engaging mouth before brain: #cpc09 (watch both vids) 10:07 AM Oct 7th 2009

RT @MaiH11 @moryan It's worth another mention: The great Roger Ebert is now on Twitter: @ebertchicago (that Twitter verified by @suntimes) 10:01 AM Oct 7th 2009

RT @DanaJGould: My dentist put me under for an exam. He said my teeth were great but he found a lump on my balls. Whaaaaaaa???!!! 9:41 AM Oct 7th 2009

@ComedyCentral why can we no longer watch the daily show in the UK??? 8:49 AM Oct 7th 2009

Actually Chet (not Gabe, Chet) told me he was going to put the line in. Tickled pink about it. 7:51 AM Oct 7th 2009

Thanks to @The_B! 7:40 AM Oct 7th 2009

Sorry, some of you know this. But I played the new level of L4D last night and heard Louis saying this: 7:39 AM Oct 7th 2009

RT: @conhare: shameless attempt to get an invite. Abuse of power. I'd do the same. (I got my invite a while back. waiting for it to process) 7:35 AM Oct 7th 2009

Still no sign of Google Wave...sigh... 7:15 AM Oct 7th 2009

@MynottComedy just saw your impressions video! A-mazing! 10:03 AM Oct 6th 2009

@maggiephilbin if that had been a smileyface wink I would have had a heart attack.... 10:02 AM Oct 6th 2009

Eek! Retweeted by @maggiephilbin! I am not worthy! 9:57 AM Oct 6th 2009

RT: @LudditeWebDev: I think this might be the genuine Stan Lee, what do you think? I hope it is ( @smilinstanlee )! (can anyone confirm?) 9:53 AM Oct 6th 2009

RT (from last night) Sheesus. How are movies supposed to compete with this? Prepare to feel very frightened. 9:36 AM Oct 6th 2009

Isn't there somewhere this guy can put his massive organ? (I'm so sorry. But can anyone help?) (via @mixmasterfestus) 9:27 AM Oct 6th 2009

RT @ben_patio (via @stopsatgreen) Brilliant idea! 9:23 AM Oct 6th 2009

RT @andynyman This impressionist is AMAZING: (via @DerrenBrown ) 8:49 AM Oct 6th 2009

Royal Mail Fail. "yanking the Job Centre's ability to look up 'jobs near me' in a recession? For shame." 8:38 AM Oct 6th 2009

RT @RealSharHorgan Im worried that only 705,187 people have seen this the Jen Kirkman one is even funnier 8:27 AM Oct 6th 2009

@jupitusphillip @Missjademusic you have actually clicked the pic I attached, yes? 2:47 AM Oct 6th 2009

Shoot, sorry. Forgot to put NSFW on my little joke. Hope no-one got into trouble! 2:35 AM Oct 6th 2009

No, no, no! The new Doctor Who logo is TERRIBLE! Have you seen it? 2:14 AM Oct 6th 2009

Activism+Twitter. In Iran, you the man. In the US, you under arrest. (via @mattleys) 1:58 AM Oct 6th 2009

@steveagee they really came through on this one, all right 1:45 AM Oct 6th 2009

@steveagee you may have seen it, but just in case...(click the link at the end) 10:46 PM Oct 5th 2009

Unicorn chaser! Sorry if you saw it earlier but it's my favourite thing ever. G'night! 6:13 PM Oct 5th 2009

@hellycake 6:12 PM Oct 5th 2009

Sheesus. How are movies supposed to compete with this? Prepare to feel very frightened. 6:02 PM Oct 5th 2009

Sorry, another one from @E_I_T. Look out for one dude in particular. You'll know him when you see him 5:57 PM Oct 5th 2009

I wanna win that cruise! No, the VCR! 5:45 PM Oct 5th 2009

@Wilkopops I know it! very good! 5:43 PM Oct 5th 2009

Become confused with Omar Sharif (via @E_I_T) 5:42 PM Oct 5th 2009

Very funny! 2012, 'Actors Version' (without the CGI) (via @videogum) 5:26 PM Oct 5th 2009

@RealSharHorgan don't replace it with a piercing female scream. That gets old quickly too. Oh, wait, that's my wife. 4:43 PM Oct 5th 2009

@ChicaLolita hmmm....@serafinowicz does about six of equal or higher quality before he's even warmed up... 4:40 PM Oct 4th 2009

@LeeGarbett definitely GBV 4:39 PM Oct 4th 2009

@louisgray sorry, sir, I totally misinterpreted the tone of your piece. Not negative at all obviously. 4:34 PM Oct 4th 2009

@LeeGarbett probably Guided By Voices. It's always Guided By Voices. 'Game Of Pricks', maybe? 4:24 PM Oct 4th 2009

@ChicaLolita sorry! And no, I didn't 4:23 PM Oct 4th 2009

@jamesgraham no, I'm certainly not of the Christopher Hitchens school of comedy appreciation (did you see that piece? he's such a tosser) 4:22 PM Oct 4th 2009

@WillWiles congratulations! What an amazing achievement! I had trouble writing a 1200 word piece during the week. ended up with 1000 4:09 PM Oct 4th 2009

@kahnfeed backpedalling? Where did I do that? 4:08 PM Oct 4th 2009

@theuncle1 you know that "should I send this?" conversation you had with yourself before you sent that reply? The wrong side won. 4:06 PM Oct 4th 2009

@vintagegreene if it had been the inspiration for that line, I wouldn't be sharing the link! 4:02 PM Oct 4th 2009

@Hettie_Gorgon well done! it's great! 3:57 PM Oct 4th 2009

By balls, I mean 'neck'. Not slagging female comics, just bad ones. 3:55 PM Oct 4th 2009

@janlakatos it's very weird. will investigate further 3:54 PM Oct 4th 2009

@theuncle1 haven't really got to grips with it, but it does seem to concentrate on the money side of things all right... 3:52 PM Oct 4th 2009

Sorry, I meant this Steven Wright, not the DJ. 3:51 PM Oct 4th 2009

@janlakatos no, she had most of them already 3:47 PM Oct 4th 2009

@burningfp yes! Never been a huge fan but really liked him in it... 3:21 PM Oct 4th 2009

@Rowlan not at all! But I really need to not accept things like that at the moment. Super busy 3:20 PM Oct 4th 2009

@burntbroccoli thanks! 3:16 PM Oct 4th 2009

@sharonhorgan I'm forty one 3:14 PM Oct 4th 2009

@burntbroccoli matt berry? 3:13 PM Oct 4th 2009

Truffaut's 'Day For Night' on Film4 at the moment! Only joking! It's 'Monster-In-Law'! 3:13 PM Oct 4th 2009

@simonlhill he's super-bright, but it doesn't translate into his work 3:09 PM Oct 4th 2009

Throughly enjoyed BBC's Emma. (via @katepegg) (me too!) 3:07 PM Oct 4th 2009

Awesome news! @sharonhorgan co-writer of the amazing 'Pulling', is on Twitter! 3:06 PM Oct 4th 2009

@sharonhorgan you've arrived!!!!!!!! 3:05 PM Oct 4th 2009

@sighdone no! Will check it when next at a laptop! Ty! 3:02 PM Oct 4th 2009

@MerylORourke very, very good! 3:01 PM Oct 4th 2009

@sighdone yes! Good way to regain distance and objectivity 2:53 PM Oct 4th 2009

That implies nature needs human hands in it. We should let the internet roam free, like a clown. (via @Dotwinter) 2:52 PM Oct 4th 2009

@Dotwinter haha 2:52 PM Oct 4th 2009

@stuntmandrew I've liked a lot of his interviews but his films leave me cold. But I didn't really start hating him until his Twitter feed... 2:52 PM Oct 4th 2009

RT: 'Gardening is nature perfected'. That's what Twitter is to the internet, no? (via @mattleys) (yes, the human touch) 2:39 PM Oct 4th 2009

@SimonParkin excellent! 2:23 PM Oct 4th 2009

@Calumpat09 hmmm... 2:22 PM Oct 4th 2009

@livi89 someone else found this was from an easy listening cd...can't quite remember... 2:22 PM Oct 4th 2009

Thought this for a while now (though not in such negative terms) . Twitter is a parallel internet. (via @Twitter_Tips) 12:23 PM Oct 4th 2009

RT: Apparently, you haven't heard of Dickerdoodles. (via @aweill119) 11:27 AM Oct 4th 2009

@aweill119 hahaaa 11:19 AM Oct 4th 2009

@JohnPatrickFitz jealousy, pure and simple. 11:18 AM Oct 4th 2009

@JohnPatrickFitz witness his recent piece on John Stewart and Colbert. He blames them, not Fox, for poisoning public discourse. 11:18 AM Oct 4th 2009

@JohnPatrickFitz I think, rather than own up to being disasterously wrong on the Iraq war, he focuses his energies on people who were right 11:17 AM Oct 4th 2009

Because when you're buying biscuits, you really want to be thinking about penises. 11:08 AM Oct 4th 2009

@JohnPatrickFitz I just can't take Hitchens seriously. His jealousy and resentment clouds everything. Hard to know what's what 11:00 AM Oct 4th 2009

@hayley_tinks thank you! Xx 10:44 AM Oct 4th 2009

@Calumpat09 ooh, not up to your usual standard 10:40 AM Oct 4th 2009

@JohnPatrickFitz I nearly read that before I realised it was by Hitchens! 10:39 AM Oct 4th 2009

@ChicaLolita I'm a hostage of love! 8:09 AM Oct 4th 2009

@hipishizik thanks for kind words on interview! 8:06 AM Oct 4th 2009

@hipishizik thank you! 7:52 AM Oct 4th 2009

Moore's on Twitter! @MMFlint (via @hipishizik) 7:52 AM Oct 4th 2009

@JoeySantiago watched the documentary about you guys recently. Is everything better for you all now? It seemed like a tough tour, that one 7:49 AM Oct 4th 2009

I interviewed Moore myself about 20 years ago. He was an absolute gent, funny and brilliant. Can't wait for this new film... 7:44 AM Oct 4th 2009

Michael Moore talks to AV Club (via @largeheartedboy) 7:42 AM Oct 4th 2009

@nickjfrost never change that avatar 7:16 AM Oct 4th 2009

@Drolgerg I've done the same myself. No worries! 7:12 AM Oct 4th 2009

@Drolgerg anyone who really liked music would be embarrassed to submit that list 6:21 AM Oct 4th 2009

@Drolgerg the point is not that he chooses old songs. The point is that there is nothing unusual or interesting about his list. 6:20 AM Oct 4th 2009

@Drolgerg you've never met anyone who loves music more than yourself? High praise indeed! 6:09 AM Oct 4th 2009

Roy Orbison was called 'The Big O' not because of the O at the beginning of Orbison, but the one second from the end. (via @Munchious) 5:58 AM Oct 4th 2009

@Munchious wait a second! I recognise that joke! 5:57 AM Oct 4th 2009

.@alexjs pub/restaurant actually called The Crown and Goose. Lovely grub! 5:39 AM Oct 4th 2009

@thecraigmorris good idea! 5:35 AM Oct 4th 2009

@Gargarin ha! 5:10 AM Oct 4th 2009

@thecraigmorris @Twistedlilkitty brain not working properly at moment. But definitely a good idea! 5:09 AM Oct 4th 2009

Camden, throwing down (?) some gang signs with FHR after an amazing, inspirational dinner at The Goose! 5:04 AM Oct 4th 2009

@loftandlost still a safe choice in a list of safe choices. I like Springsteen too but... 4:54 AM Oct 4th 2009

@thecraigmorris that's an excellent idea! How to do it? 4:53 AM Oct 4th 2009

@tylermassey story made no sense, I thought. Plus, H's weird hatred for his middle class characters... 4:53 AM Oct 4th 2009

@mrjonmacqueen oh GOD! 4:51 AM Oct 4th 2009

@robinmatthewfry haha!! 4:50 AM Oct 4th 2009

@tylermassey hated it 4:49 AM Oct 4th 2009

Bad news for the Tories. Tracy Emin's promised to fuck off if 50% tax is introduced (via @antonvowl) 4:49 AM Oct 4th 2009

Most uninspired Desert Island Discs selection by someone not interested in music: (via @Munchious) 4:43 AM Oct 4th 2009

@nickjfrost yes there is! In a song called 'She's a Roving Rose' 3:45 AM Oct 4th 2009

@McKelvie how did they go down? 6:18 PM Oct 3rd 2009

Told him about #happybdaykev and he was hugely chuffed and moved! Thank you all! Xxxxxx 6:13 PM Oct 3rd 2009

@thereminwar thank you, sir! Amazing food! 6:08 PM Oct 3rd 2009

@hayley_tinks yes! 6:08 PM Oct 3rd 2009

@Devinho tell her "thanks and hello, how the hell are you?" 6:07 PM Oct 3rd 2009

@McKelvie haha! Excellent! 6:07 PM Oct 3rd 2009

Thanks, by the way, to whatever genius suggested The Goose. YUMBELIEVABLE! (v drunk) 3:00 PM Oct 3rd 2009

Went to The Goose for dinner with French Horn Rebellion! AMAAAAZING food and awesome, inspirational company! I love those guys! 2:58 PM Oct 3rd 2009

You guys are awesome. This is going to blow his mind. 12:05 PM Oct 3rd 2009

Sadly, missing FHR tonight myself...tell me what you thought if you go! I'm off to toast Kevin Eldon's arrival on earth!Happy birthday, Kev! 11:43 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@MJMcKean it's brilliant, but incredibly grim 11:16 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@DailyAdviser mkupperman! 10:57 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@katcal great tip! booked tonight but will try in future! 10:34 AM Oct 3rd 2009

RT: @McKelvie: the website advises getting there before 9 to get in, mind! Might be a big queue by 11. 10:30 AM Oct 3rd 2009

Sorry, it was the dots at the end. French Horn Rebellion live, tonight! don't miss! 10:06 AM Oct 3rd 2009

Is that FHR link working for everyone? 10:02 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@MitchBenn will check it! 10:01 AM Oct 3rd 2009

Those seeing 'The Room' at the Prince Charles, FHR are on at 11 so you could probably catch both! 9:54 AM Oct 3rd 2009

London peeps! Y'all,, you've got to go see French Horn Rebellion tonight. They are AWESOME live. ... 9:50 AM Oct 3rd 2009

Y'all, if you're in London, you've got to go see French Horn Rebellion live tonight. They are AWESOME live. ... 9:45 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@robinince @maxtaylor he was so wrong on Iraq, lost all respect. One of these people who has to be tortured before he'll oppose torture 9:18 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@Swineshead no, and nice list, thank you! 9:13 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@jw_smith not yet! 9:10 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@teenagelust oh, yes, love them. 8:44 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@mcsey it's super boring, seriously 8:12 AM Oct 3rd 2009

Ireland says yes to Lisbon Treaty! Now I can go back to unconditionally thinking Michael O'Leary is full of shit! 8:05 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@Britt_W not going till tonight... 7:52 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@Britt_W if you do a search of @Glinner you'll see all the suggestions! 7:52 AM Oct 3rd 2009

RT: Later on, though, do tell us where you finally ate. Them's the rules. (via @JasonArnopp) (are they? Ok!!!) 7:50 AM Oct 3rd 2009

Chris Evans is our new lollipop lady! (via @hellycake) 7:45 AM Oct 3rd 2009

Thanks for all the answers, folks! 7:37 AM Oct 3rd 2009

Anyone know a nice place to eat in Camden? 7:11 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@CormacOfFleetSt it is indeed! Ha! 6:57 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@jw_smith very curious to hear your thoughts! 6:53 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@john_self looks really interesting! 6:21 AM Oct 3rd 2009

@MsSlick no, it's @serafinowicz 5:20 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@sarahluv81 will try! 5:13 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@tomdaylight cheers, Tom! 5:12 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@benbutterworth that works really well! Status Quo goes on too long...if you cut out earlier it'd be perfect! 5:12 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@sarahluv81 the Boston Spaceships stuff is really good. Return to form. 5:10 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@doodlewhale yeah, I really like that ending... 5:09 PM Oct 2nd 2009

Not a new series by the way, still working on that. Tonight was a repeat, possibly best known for this bit. 4:58 PM Oct 2nd 2009

New Pollardia from Boston Spaceships! 4:55 PM Oct 2nd 2009

Thanks for all the kind words on 'It Crowd'! You're all terribly kind. 4:34 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@OotSandShamen I'm sort of half listening and tuning in and out. 3:59 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@OotSandShamen my wife is watching it. I can't bear to. 3:59 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@bjoern268 thanks, sir! 3:59 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@simonblackwell great stuff tonight! 3:54 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@OotSandShamen oh, yes. 3:53 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@roiben no, sorry a reference to a thing I posted earlier 3:53 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@c_d_phillips no, it's always painfully clear to me 3:51 PM Oct 2nd 2009

RT @Calumpat09 yes mike wallace is the guy for the every 10 minutes he is alive a day. 3:49 PM Oct 2nd 2009

'Peep Show' was goooooood tonight! 3:45 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@davidbcooper amazon! 3:38 PM Oct 2nd 2009

This 'detail' from a page on the main character's sexual history is a good example of what to expect 1:53 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@tylermassey dammit, saved that thing you sent me but haven't watched it yet! 1:50 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@tylermassey @hellycake refuses to watch it! 1:37 PM Oct 2nd 2009

Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli is a hell of a comic. As if Woody Allen at the height of his powers did a graphic novel. 1:33 PM Oct 2nd 2009

What is the opposite to 'Jumping The Shark'? 1:12 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@electroretro he is wise beyond his years 1:11 PM Oct 2nd 2009

I see your telemarketer prank call, and I raise you: (via @nomoresecrets) (a classic!) 12:47 PM Oct 2nd 2009

@Calumpat09 ha! 12:35 PM Oct 2nd 2009

Love how people say 'not too bad' when asked how they are. 7:19 AM Mar 18th 2008

Increasingly seeing men with mobile phone ear clips, like they all work on the death star. 12:03 PM Mar 7th 2008

The auction where the painting started at three hundred and ended up at two and a half hundred grand. Titian. 11:32 AM Mar 7th 2008

A Raise followed by no continuation bet sets up later continuation bets. 11:31 AM Mar 7th 2008

Just after christmas, i saw a kid in pissing rain pedaling a go cart thingy down road. I dont want to forget that so i'm mentioning it here. 10:24 AM Mar 7th 2008

Watching c4 news getting weirdly excited over patrick swayze's upcoming death. 12:32 PM Mar 6th 2008

Harold and maude-'do you enjoy knives?' 3:49 PM Feb 16th 2008

Lionel Richie impersonator on TV at the moment looks uncomfortably like Chris Morris 1:36 PM Feb 16th 2008

wondering why 'Curb' is so overrated by every journalist. 6:52 AM Feb 16th 2008

Tabloid headline: MACCA'S HAIR STARTING TO PAUL OUT 2:00 AM Feb 15th 2008

Listening to romantic restaurant musician sing 'songs of love' on floating restaurant. 3:00 PM Feb 14th 2008

Wishing a Happy Birthday to Yoz! 12:53 PM Feb 11th 2008

Halfway through a breakfast, then saw a sausage i hadn't been aware of! Hurray! 6:39 AM Feb 11th 2008

I am currently annoyed that i have never seen arcade fire live. 5:43 AM Jun 27th 2007

Currently watching it crowd again and wishing i had just half an hour more in the edit. 5:30 PM Jun 26th 2007

Setting up my phone to work with twitter 3:09 PM Jun 25th 2007