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Just saw THE Big Bird in real life. My life is complete!! 7:49 AM Nov 26th 2009

@WhitneyZilonka has woken me up, singing Jingle Bells, wearing santa girl outfit... saying we're going to the #MacysDayParade. God help me. 6:00 AM Nov 26th 2009

Someone keeps calling me from 787-989-3322 and it's getting really annoying!! It's some weird dude who doesn't speak English. 2:54 PM Nov 25th 2009

@jayrosen_nyu @codybrown Maybe I'm late, but did you already check out NYT's innovation portfolio? Kinda neat. 12:20 AM Nov 25th 2009

If you have little kids or grandkids... checkout @astorybeforebed. Cool concept. 12:16 AM Nov 25th 2009

Everyone's all caught up in #fail... but what about #succeed? 12:05 AM Nov 25th 2009

Finally, a digital choose-your-own-adventure book 11:46 PM Nov 24th 2009

Future of Computing: 11:28 PM Nov 24th 2009

@brysonHolland Yep, still got em 3:07 PM Nov 23rd 2009

I need photoshop help. Stat. :( 6:40 AM Nov 23rd 2009

@mikerbrt I tore my ACL in January, surgery in March, physical therapy for 6 months. Started training again for triathlon in October :) 6:29 AM Nov 23rd 2009

I have 8 Google Wave invites to give out (@LilyQ do you still need one?) 6:23 AM Nov 23rd 2009

Killer tri practice this morning. 6:21 AM Nov 23rd 2009

CLEMSON FTW! Let's go Tigers! 1:24 PM Nov 21st 2009

@Burbetto Just listened to your music player on FB... what's up? 12:23 PM Nov 21st 2009

Overheard: "Who decides what time it is?…. is the main question." 12:17 AM Nov 21st 2009

@centernetworks I will seriously take u up on that offer in late June/July! 9:13 PM May 9th 2008

@mashable brilliant! But could use that for my blog more than my twitter, haha 9:07 PM May 9th 2008

Just spent the last 20 minutes introducing my friend to winelibrary tv. She instantly loved @garyvee :) 9:04 PM May 9th 2008

@matt_schlicht I totally did not DM that. So I was just kidding. 7:58 PM May 9th 2008

@matt_schlicht got nervous about tomorrow so now I'm intoxicated 7:57 PM May 9th 2008

Thanks for having me on ur show @waltribeiro! Sorry I had to go so abruptly 4:48 PM May 9th 2008

I am on @waltribeiro's daily music lesson on @ustreamtv in 5 min! 3:45 PM May 9th 2008

@robblatt your comment on my blog made me crack UP!! hahah ("The Internet's Alana Taylor") 3:01 PM May 9th 2008

I am going to be on @waltribeiro's Ustream (daily music lesson) at 6pmEST tonight, make sure to check it out! :) 2:48 PM May 9th 2008

@matt_schlicht @ustreamtv HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 1:49 PM May 9th 2008

Drenched. Running through streets of new york city without an umbrella. 11:15 AM May 9th 2008

@eddiebrown my spring internship is over :) 10:53 AM May 9th 2008

Running to the tyra banks show to return my security clearance. 10:51 AM May 9th 2008

@amitelhanan I have that one on Monday and a take-home due Wednesday. 9:45 AM May 9th 2008

studying for my american colonial history final on monday. bahhh 9:42 AM May 9th 2008

@meghanasha just saw ur Time100 pic. Gorgeous! I bet you poo-pooed that party :) haha 9:38 AM May 9th 2008

Running out into the rain to get some coffee 9:15 AM May 9th 2008

Woken up by my brother talking about Indiana Jones. I feel like i'm 9 yrs old again :) 9:10 AM May 9th 2008

Going to get some Subway 8:13 PM May 8th 2008

Videos from NYC Tech/DiggNation Meetup at Lunasa Bar are up! Funny stuff with @garyvee and @tikijohnny!! 6:08 PM May 8th 2008

Gah, looking to turn off the auto-play on my videos from last night that I uploaded to Viddler. 5:48 PM May 8th 2008

@ajvchuk I get in a bad mood after I wake up from naps 1:01 PM May 8th 2008

procrastinating a paper I have to write analyzing the different aspects of libel law and worrying about other small assignments 3:58 PM Mar 22nd 2008

I restored my iPhone and the camera STILL doesn't work! I knew I shouldve kept all my games stuff. Dammit :( 9:38 PM Mar 20th 2008

I am tired and I don't want to do any school work!!!! This is the most stressful spring break ever. It's Thursday night and I have only ... 8:56 PM Mar 20th 2008

Going shopping 11:04 AM Mar 20th 2008

Doing some reading for school :( why does my spring break have to suck so much? 7:31 PM Mar 19th 2008

I'm starving 3:37 PM Mar 19th 2008

Fuck the rain!! 2:10 PM Mar 19th 2008

On my way to yoga :) 2:10 PM Mar 19th 2008

Late to the gym!! 1:04 PM Mar 19th 2008

playing guitar 12:11 PM Mar 19th 2008

added friendfeed to igoogle :) 11:06 AM Mar 19th 2008

testing Gtalk! 10:49 AM Mar 19th 2008

Testing my phone 10:48 AM Mar 19th 2008

eating an omelette :) 10:44 AM Mar 19th 2008

Procrastinating. 12:06 PM Mar 9th 2008

Figuring out TWYE 11:40 AM Jan 17th 2008