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OK, this SO meets my demand for a firefox/twitter interface. twitterbar rules! 12:03 AM Apr 25th 2007

Currently Browsing: 12:02 AM Apr 25th 2007

looking for a twitter toolbar for firefox 11:57 PM Apr 24th 2007

Palindrome dork-o-meter reads: high dork. 11:36 PM Apr 23rd 2007

contemplating the merits of forums vs threaded comments. I'm so hard pressed to find good uses for forums these days... 11:13 PM Apr 23rd 2007

thinking about whether social media effects political change by inciting activism, generating fresh thinking, reshaping public opinion or... 8:04 AM Apr 23rd 2007

steamed vegetables make you taller. 10:27 PM Apr 22nd 2007

debating the relative merits of facebook status vs twitter 12:30 AM Apr 17th 2007

thinking about Mobile MUSE. 10:47 AM Apr 12th 2007

Ennui vs exhaustion deathmatch. 7:53 PM Apr 9th 2007

Obsessing with Facebook. 9:55 PM Mar 31st 2007

Ferberizing my baby. 10:27 PM Mar 28th 2007

settling into my hotel in NYC 10:00 PM Mar 24th 2007

mulling on content at Community 2.0 conference 11:41 AM Mar 13th 2007

Listening to John Hagel say brilliant things about online community at Community 2.0 conference. 10:31 AM Mar 12th 2007

tv & latenight work 1:20 AM Mar 4th 2007