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Wow... The Last Song - Rihanna SUCH a good song. Go listen to it! 1:21 PM Nov 27th 2009

@iLoveDemiSel Life is too short to sleep! 3:51 AM Nov 27th 2009

Salute - Whitney Houston :) 3:48 AM Nov 27th 2009

@GarretJiroux, my dog hates you. 11:11 PM Nov 26th 2009

Anybody wanna cuddle? (Sigh) 10:33 PM Nov 26th 2009

Soooo full! Watching Elf with @DarnellAppling, @cgdancer612, and the rest of the fam!! :) 6:46 PM Nov 26th 2009

New celebrity crush..... Miles Austin.... ooohhh yeaahhh! I loooove my cowboys!! hahaha :P 5:35 PM Nov 26th 2009

our* haha 5:13 PM Nov 26th 2009

Dear Boston Market, thank you for cooking out Thanksgiving dinner since my mother cannot cook to save her life. :) heh.. jk mom! 5:12 PM Nov 26th 2009

If anyone needs a warm home cooked meal tonight, let me know :) Happy Thanksgiving! 2:27 PM Nov 26th 2009

Being lazy makes me excited! Gonna spend the next few hours painting and listening to music :) 6:09 PM Nov 25th 2009

RT @RevRunWisdom The less you need someones approval,, the further u will go in life 11:24 PM Nov 24th 2009

food... FINALLY! 10:54 PM Nov 24th 2009

Please don't spoil the movie, by adding your own soundtrack. 5:34 PM Nov 24th 2009 - My AMA after party!! :) haha 1:36 PM Nov 24th 2009

What to do today, what to do....? :D 1:09 PM Nov 24th 2009

It's not me, it's you. :) 11:54 PM Feb 23rd 2009

so, how sick is lil' wayne? and by sick i mean incredible. 11:32 PM Feb 23rd 2009

My love remains-Jonny Lang, Livin' A Lie-The Dream.... (story of my life) 11:27 PM Feb 23rd 2009

why can i only write slow songs?!??! 6:03 PM Feb 23rd 2009

this one is for you. 5:14 PM Feb 23rd 2009

in the studio. writing music is difficult when you're a perfectionist. 3:56 PM Feb 23rd 2009

i'm maturing, not changing. i promise. 2:46 PM Feb 23rd 2009

guess who is tan? and guess who's bangs are almost fully grown out? 6:55 PM Feb 22nd 2009

There's no place like home. (aka Texas.... not Hollyweird.) 6:25 PM Feb 22nd 2009

The Virgin Mary once saw Chuck Norris in her grilled cheese sandwich. 10:41 PM Feb 18th 2009

For all of you who appreciated my Chuck Norris joke: I love you. For all of you who have no idea what i'm talking about: You're missing out. 10:21 PM Feb 18th 2009

If you don't wanna love me-James Morrison .... totally being inspired by him right now. writing new songs in my room! :) 10:19 PM Feb 18th 2009

how much wood can a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck norris? 7:53 PM Feb 18th 2009

on a night like this-dave barnes, slow dancing in a burning room-john mayer, the boy's gone-jason mraz, interested-house of fools..go listen 12:02 PM Feb 17th 2009

score people are actually following me on this thing. haha 11:43 AM Feb 17th 2009

procrastinating in school listening to interested - House Of Fools. only a few more weeks left till i'm done for GOOD!!! 11:37 AM Feb 17th 2009