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The three ages of maturity, by a wise friend of mine: 8:05 AM Oct 5th 2009

"Zombieland" does $25 million and no wonder: It's surprisingly funny. 7:43 AM Oct 5th 2009

The most interesting house in London (virtual tour). 5:06 AM Oct 5th 2009

Prove Darwin’s theory of natural selection by breeding your own dogs at home in your spare time. 4:38 AM Oct 5th 2009

Many of my outraged blog posters aren’t regulars but one-time drive-by shooters. They mark the territory and wag on along. 10:51 PM Oct 4th 2009

Loved NPR's story about the woman whose eyesight was restored by an eyetooth transplant into the cornea. Just sent checks to WBEZ and WCDB. 10:45 PM Oct 4th 2009

Restored, much longer version of "Metropolis" first seen in Buenos Aires: 8:47 PM Oct 4th 2009

Gene Siskel would walk down the street and say: "These people all looked in their mirrors this morning and thought they looked great." 8:24 PM Oct 4th 2009

"Trucker" is a wonderful new movie, with a career-changing performance by Michelle Monaghan. Opens 10/9. 8:10 PM Oct 4th 2009

Has it occurred to his critics that Obama hoped to get the Olympics for America, not just for Chicago? Give the man a break. 7:04 PM Oct 4th 2009

The films I value the most are the ones that very closely regard specific lives. To hell with the plot. 6:56 PM Oct 4th 2009

Although CT and MRI technicians lack expertise in evaluating a scan, EVERYTHING they say & their body language invariably signals bad news. 6:50 PM Oct 4th 2009

Serge, who lived in Pawtucket, / Carried his duck in a bucket. / He said with a grin... 5:34 PM Oct 4th 2009

,,,As he wiped off its chin, / If its bill grew a feather I would pluck it. 5:34 PM Oct 4th 2009

Guy told me he doesn’t want universal health care because he’ll die anyway: it’s a waste of his money. Let others take care of themselves. 5:27 PM Oct 4th 2009

One of the surprises you get when growing older is that the people you knew when you were young are young forever 12:38 PM Oct 4th 2009