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Does the fact I'm listening to Britney remixes while putting together said grill make it any less manly? Nah, didn't think so. 8:05 PM Jul 21st 2007

Drinking beer, putting together a grill. Feeling manly. 7:26 PM Jul 21st 2007

Unlocked a new song in Karaoke Revolution. And you suspected I wasn't being productive. 6:28 PM Jul 21st 2007

Tinkering around house. Cleaning out inbox and putting on vacation mail. Wishing my brother Lincoln who lives in Lincoln a happy 39th. 2:51 PM Jul 21st 2007

hanging with the boys at the twitterplex. beer. code. board games? 8:51 PM Jul 20th 2007

I totally just cut my finger on my iPhone. 2:27 PM Jul 20th 2007

Mostly done with this thing. I think I should go home. 4:14 AM Jul 20th 2007

My fiancée is awesome. 12:36 AM Jul 20th 2007

Grabbing a quick Field Roast sausage at home before heading back to the office for another night of coding. 7:43 PM Jul 19th 2007

Sipping champagne, celebrating Twitter news, trying to deploy a big change (so we can drink more champagne) 4:51 PM Jul 19th 2007

Waiting for a guy to come put the handle on our wine fridge. He's 30 minutes late + three months. 12:08 PM Jul 19th 2007

Getting my code reviewed by @bs and learning things 9:23 PM Jul 18th 2007

Wishing South Park would grow some new lunch options. Quick, healthy, and delicious would suffice. 2:46 PM Jul 18th 2007

Drinking tap water from a SmartWater bottle. Who's smart now? 11:48 AM Jul 18th 2007

Le Coloniel. Delicious. Filling. 12:06 AM Jul 18th 2007

It's 79.3 degrees (F) in this conference room 2:13 PM Jul 17th 2007

Trying to act natural, as a BBC camera points in my face 12:11 PM Jul 17th 2007

The iPhone takes 80% of the pain out of voicemail. (It's amazing that the entire phone industry couldn't accomplish that sooner.) 11:59 AM Jul 17th 2007

T-minus 10 days. Feeling quixotic. 11:27 AM Jul 17th 2007

checking in code, leaving the office 12:14 AM Jul 17th 2007

Still working on the little UI project that doesn't end 8:40 PM Jul 16th 2007

watching Enron, the movie. Crazy stuff. 5:42 PM Jul 15th 2007

Snickerdoodle cookies are misnamed 5:04 PM Jul 14th 2007

The iphone is quite tedious, compared to treo, for many things. Maybe it will get better 2:57 PM Jul 14th 2007

Eating lunch at the de Young. (Sara got the salmon, I got the pb&j.) 1:39 PM Jul 14th 2007

Having a dance party in the car with Sara 7:29 PM Jul 13th 2007

Meeting with dj sol 12:05 PM Jul 13th 2007

working on odeo prezo 1:47 PM Mar 24th 2006

listening to audible guy ( ) 1:46 PM Mar 24th 2006

noticing that it's kinda fun to start all sentences with verbs 5:53 PM Mar 23rd 2006

guessing i'm being annoying 5:53 PM Mar 23rd 2006

thinking it should be "friends' status," not "friend's status" 5:52 PM Mar 23rd 2006

assuming jack's thought of that 5:51 PM Mar 23rd 2006

wondering if the status web page should auto-refresh (ajax! ;) 5:51 PM Mar 23rd 2006

relieved 5:49 PM Mar 23rd 2006

trying to get odeo thoughts down 4:37 PM Mar 23rd 2006

so excited about new odeo ideas 5:24 PM Mar 22nd 2006

thinking: what if Odeo was a web-based media player? 3:27 PM Mar 22nd 2006

wishing that this form field got focus() onload 11:36 AM Mar 22nd 2006

happy that they are 11:36 AM Mar 22nd 2006

wondering if updates are working 11:36 AM Mar 22nd 2006

checking out twttr 4:51 PM Mar 21st 2006

just setting up my twttr 2:02 PM Mar 21st 2006