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Swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, fever & chills. And I didn't even go out partying or stay up all night!! Stupid fallible body. 11:51 AM Nov 27th 2009

Nooooo THE JA THANKSGIVING CURSE IS BACK!! 06 I was in the hospital. 07 I vomitted in the street w @rachelsklar. Now in bed w a fever! WTF 11:20 PM Nov 26th 2009 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING, turkey! 6:47 PM Nov 26th 2009

Dad: So who wants to hear about the first Thanksgiving in 1620? Me & Mom in unison: Oh, god. No one!!! 4:56 PM Nov 26th 2009

"We're in deep trouble in this country because no one's going to be doing anything expect effing twittering & reading those twitters." - Mom 4:30 PM Nov 26th 2009

Trying to explain Twitter to my dad. He's unconvinced. 4:24 PM Nov 26th 2009 - My Thanksgiving outfit, courtesy of Diane von Furstenberg's sample sale. 1:21 PM Nov 26th 2009

Also, it wouldn't hurt to look at it from a political or legal perspective (dad is a lawyer with a background in politics). Thank you!!! 12:36 PM Nov 26th 2009

I'm looking for videos, articles, etc that sum up the social media transformation from an outsider's (older gen) perspective. 12:36 PM Nov 26th 2009

Okay, my brilliant techies: my dad has asked me to give a comprehensive explanation of "this social media phenomenon" tonight. Any advice? 12:34 PM Nov 26th 2009

Mom: Okay, everyone gets a Thanksgiving job! Julia, you set the table. I'll coordinate the oven. Dad: I'll coordinate the naps. 10:15 AM Nov 26th 2009

"Pay my respects to grace & virtue / Send my condolences to good / Give my regards to soul & romance / They always did the best they could." 2:55 AM Nov 26th 2009

Curled up alone in the king sized bed in my parents' guest room. Missing my puppy, @Lillydog. I need a bit of snuggle time with her. 2:49 AM Nov 26th 2009

Speaking of Twilight! Who wants to see New Moon with me in Chicago Friday night? Anyone? Anyone??? PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME TAKE MY PARENTS. 12:35 AM Nov 26th 2009

My parents (w dog Langdon) picked me up at O'Hare tonight; the ride home consisted of me trying to explain the plot of Twilight. Seriously. 12:33 AM Nov 26th 2009

@LevenRambin - Girl, @RandiZuckerberg took me to WalMart today & I saw that Miley collection. There is DEFINITELY something wrong w you. HA 12:06 AM Nov 26th 2009

On my way to Chicago's hottest new restaurant: HUB 51! 2 dashing young owners RJ & Jerrod Melman went to hs w me - 6:03 PM Oct 15th 2008

Done with my column (!!), so I'm going downstairs to gym to work out, steam, and swim. Like a normal human being! Or @MaryRambin! 2:36 PM Oct 15th 2008

Awkward: to read your quote in a news story, skim down, see quote of next girl & realize, "Oh. We've slept with the same guy." 12:02 PM Oct 15th 2008

Oh, column. Why must you torture me so? Why can't you just WRITE YOURSELF?! 11:03 AM Oct 15th 2008

Fantastic Biz Week column by Sarah Lacy, on the future of VC: 12:37 AM Oct 15th 2008

Now Dad's singing along to a song called "L'chi Lach" "It's one of my favorite songs!" he says. ha. 11:06 PM Oct 14th 2008

OH MY GOD, my Dad is listening to FOLK RAP. I didn't even know this type of music EXISTED. It SHOULDN'T. 10:40 PM Oct 14th 2008

10 mins my dad has been attempting to turn on our ridiculously complicated NASA-esque flat screen "entertainment system." Oops, he gave up. 9:11 PM Oct 14th 2008

"I'm going to name (my new kitten) Lothario because women love the shit out of him." - Dan 1:31 PM Oct 14th 2008

And here's my darling Matt White, with his shirt "Vote for Love" . How adorable is he?! I'll vote for that! 10:44 AM Oct 14th 2008

I'm sort of obsessed with - click on Minka Kelly's video. It's quite well done! 10:39 AM Oct 14th 2008

At parents' condo in downtown Chicago, restraining myself frm wondering aloud @ some of their "design decisions." That doesn't go over well. 10:17 AM Oct 14th 2008

Oh belrrrg, I'm up at the ungodly hour of 7:50 am to take my mom to the airport. I wasn't designed for "mornings." 7:19 AM Oct 14th 2008


AT THE VOTING PLACE! About to vote!!! 2:59 PM Oct 13th 2008

Good morning, World markets UP! If I had any cash at all, I'd sink it into the market come Tuesday. 1/2 price! 5:05 AM Oct 13th 2008

@Lock I hear Celebrity Mary Rambin is due to infuse your little booth with a dose of serious 919A HOT. Not sure you can handle it. But? Try. 12:26 AM Oct 12th 2008

Plane landed!! Baggage claimed! ORD exited! Just waiting for The Momser Taxi (TM). Yay Chicago! 12:45 PM Oct 10th 2008

On United flight to Chicago, about to take off. Lilly is on my lap, not at all happy about this whole "in the air" situation. 9:48 AM Oct 10th 2008

The strangest thing: I am at the airport 90 min EARLY. This from a girl whose parents used to bet how many DAYS late she'd be. !!! 8:43 AM Oct 10th 2008

Holy shit, I was actually packed & ready a solid HOUR before I had to leave for airport. That has never happened in the history of JA World. 7:29 AM Oct 10th 2008

@TiffanyWinbush DAMN STRAIGHT - There is NO MATCH for Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the LES. "MOST BESTEST CUPCAKES IN NYC" - Julia Allison 1:33 AM Oct 10th 2008

I *finally* figured out why I've been such a motherfucking basketcase for the past week. Starting on bc!!! I want to cry. (of course) 1:30 AM Oct 10th 2008

Flight to Chicago tomorrow. Haven't packed yet. Oops? 1:11 AM Oct 10th 2008

So, so so sososososoooooooooo tireddddddddd. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 10:21 AM Oct 9th 2008

Just passed Magnolia bakery. Contrary to what you may have learned on SATC,they're not NYC's best cupcakes, but I want one (or four) anyway. 8:29 PM Oct 8th 2008

About to speak at mediabistro! 5:07 PM Oct 7th 2008

When the "new mail" sound makes you literally scream in violent rage, you know you have a problem. Or didn't get enough sleep. Or both. 11:38 AM Oct 7th 2008

omg omg omg neighbor's breakfast smells wafting into my studio. I WANT BACON SO BADLY. And I don't even eat meat!!!! I CAN'T TAKE THIS! 6:37 AM Oct 7th 2008

@inkhead I like the $$, but unfort, all clothes must remain on. That doesn't preclude slutty outfits, though! Ew, this is getting weird. 6:04 AM Oct 7th 2008

8am Second Wind! Working on pwrpoint for tonight's speech. It's already egregiously, inappropriately long. Bah! Not everyone can be @GaryVee 6:02 AM Oct 7th 2008

6:28 am. Still awake and being SO productive. But. Fadingggggggg ... damnit! 4:29 AM Oct 7th 2008

Actually, how about this? You specify a prank I must do for a set $$ you donate & I'll actually consider doing it. 2:40 AM Oct 7th 2008

DONATE or else I'll ... ummm ... I got nothing. Please? 2:38 AM Oct 7th 2008

I genuinely - GENUINELY - wish I never had to sleep. SLEEP IS SO GODDAMN UNPRODUCTIVE. melrrgggg! 12:34 AM Oct 7th 2008

@sarahcuda - I miss you bunny. I need a bit of your human prozac-like contagious bosomy laughter & heroin addictive southern story-telling. 10:50 PM Oct 6th 2008

from a reader email, just now: "go to bed or you'll be a hag before you're thirty. you know it's true." Um ... thanks? 10:47 PM Oct 6th 2008

Building empires is deceptively difficult. Can't I just get to the montage & be done with this "hard frustrating work" part?? 6:21 PM Oct 6th 2008

I can't decide if this is some fucked up PMS or if I'm in a mini-depression. Either way, I'm calling in the emergency back-up plan: coffee. 4:23 PM Oct 6th 2008

I dreamt I did mushrooms, then tried to give a speech. It didn't go so well, but I enjoyed it. A warning for this Tues' MB event? Hmmmm ... 10:55 AM Oct 6th 2008

(Apropos of nothing but an email I just sent and long ago high school English classes), God, I love parallel structure. LOVE IT. 11:47 PM Oct 5th 2008

In a stress-induced haze, I ate half a bag of candy corn. Maybe I should just turn to drugs? But which ones? @juliaallison me w/ suggestions 11:46 PM Oct 5th 2008

Massive headache, Sunday evening malaise excerbated by stress. Any brilliant remedies besides mainlining candy pumpkins? 6:20 PM Oct 5th 2008

Producers/talent/people who might know - how much do you pay videographers/editors for a basic 5 minute internet video? Reply @JuliaAllison 2:08 PM Oct 5th 2008

Sunday afternoon meeting @MeghanAsha's apt w/ @MaryRambin & @KrystalK is lapsing into four hour territory. Dicey. 2:03 PM Oct 5th 2008

I forced my blonde bombshell of a former roommate Krystal onto Twitter. She's going to blow. this. shit. up. Follow her --> @KrystalK 1:43 PM Oct 5th 2008

Sunday morning dilemma. What I want to eat: everything bagel w lox & a latte. What I WILL eat: green juice & a grapefruit. Sigh. 10:35 AM Oct 5th 2008

I'm looking for "it all." Has anyone seen "it all"? It's something I'd like to have. 4:53 PM Oct 4th 2008

I don't usually need coddling. Not so tonight. CODDLE ME, DAMNIT! 3:39 PM Oct 4th 2008

Massive headache, cranky, ready for this interminable bus ride to end already. I want to be home. 3:10 PM Oct 4th 2008

"When they stop fact-checking you, you know you’ve made it." - @Caroliiine in reference to this post: 10:47 AM Oct 4th 2008

Staying at CD's boyfriend Matt's place in Boston, totally exhausted, but can't seem to make it to bed. Bolt-busing back to NY tomorrow morn. 1:31 AM Oct 4th 2008

wandering around Boston with my momsers. 1:32 PM Oct 3rd 2008

Geraldine Ferraro "Nobody lost," BULLSHIT. Biden lost. 8:41 PM Oct 2nd 2008

Watching the VP debates w my fam: I'm a total liberal but GOD Joe Biden grates on my nerves. He's such a condescending douche. 8:17 PM Oct 2nd 2008

Mom (Stanford '72): Originally I didn't think I was smart enough to go to Harvard. Then I met the people who attended & I changed my mind. 7:12 PM Oct 2nd 2008

The guy who won the Physics Ig Nobel Prize 2008 for "Spontaneous knotting of an agitated string" just twittered during his speech. Awesome. 6:39 PM Oct 2nd 2008

2008 Ig Nobel Biology Prize: "Comparison of Jump Performances on a Dog Flea versus A Cat Flea." Explain choosing THAT over law school. 6:18 PM Oct 2nd 2008

Presenting now: the 2003 Ignobel Winner for "Discovery of Homosexual Necrophilia in the Mallard Duck." My mom can't breathe she's laugh ... 5:57 PM Oct 2nd 2008

First award to: "Termination of Intractable Hiccups by Anal Massage." Yes, this is all Very Real Research. 5:54 PM Oct 2nd 2008

The family is on our way to Harvard's Ignobel Awards, put on by the Annals of Improbable Research. Good times. 5:44 PM Oct 2nd 2008

Just finished Dad's HUGE bday dinner at Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge. Yum, but I ate WAY too much & now feel like enormous stuffed artichoke. 5:40 PM Oct 2nd 2008

just arrived in salt lake city and met my little brother flying in from boston. My parents flew in from LA ... Yay for planes. 10:36 AM Mar 25th 2008

No sleep again tonight ...on the way to the airport. Skiing in park city utah with my family. Can't wait to see them. 3:18 AM Mar 25th 2008

at dinner with @garyvee, charles forman, @caroliine and david karp. Love these guys 11:09 PM Mar 24th 2008

Charles Forman birthday party at Tumblr tonight. The NY Times is following me there to film it. Surreal. 5:33 PM Mar 24th 2008

"The annoying sandwich" 5:14 AM Mar 24th 2008

still awake. THIRD ALL NIGHTER THIS WEEK with david karp and charles forman (brunch to dinner to breakfast). Happy birthday dork (CF). 4:32 AM Mar 24th 2008

"you can't log off of your own life" 11:51 PM Mar 22nd 2008

"our keyboard chemistry is undeniable" 11:49 PM Mar 22nd 2008

prepping to talk about YouTube awards on MSNBC, so I watched all the winners. My favorite, oddly? 11:33 PM Mar 22nd 2008

Working on Easter wkend - FoxNews tonight, MSNBC tomorrow at 8:50, 9:50 am EST talking ab the YouTube awards. I'll try to mention kittens. 11:46 AM Mar 22nd 2008 5:28 AM Mar 22nd 2008

just got home from hanging at the tumblr offices w Caroline McCarthy, David Karp & Charles Forman, 3 pm until 6 am. now, zzz 4:23 AM Mar 22nd 2008

hung out last evening with Jason Calacanis, Rex, Caroline McCarthy, and talked to David Karp until NINE AM. Great night. 8:04 AM Mar 20th 2008

dinner with David Karp tonight 10:38 AM Mar 19th 2008

registering domain names 10:38 PM Mar 12th 2008

so happy to be home ... 8:33 PM Mar 12th 2008