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Vote 4 "One Time" at 1:32 PM Jun 12th 2009

hoppin a flight back to the ATL. hoepfully catch some sleep 11:43 AM Jun 12th 2009

Check out my interview with Kristinia Debarge: 2:32 PM Jun 11th 2009

On my way to reharsals with AJ (swagga time) 4:55 PM Jun 10th 2009

I'm at ihop about to mow down some pancakes :p 1:21 PM Jun 10th 2009

Chillin at myspace music. Check me out live at 3:11 PM Jun 9th 2009

Check out the behind the scenes video for "One Time"--> 9:34 AM Jun 8th 2009

Request my new single "ONE TIME" at your local radio station. thanks for the support 12:14 AM Jun 8th 2009

On my way to disneyland...first time 1:43 PM Jun 7th 2009

check out my official Facebook page and join... thanks. 9:42 AM Jun 7th 2009

Out shoppin for some fresh new kicks. 2:33 PM Jun 6th 2009

in LA LA Land 11:27 AM Jun 6th 2009

With Gabby 9:59 AM May 18th 2009

New York here we comeee 2:47 PM May 17th 2009

Check this video out -- Justin Bieber and Nick Cannon 3:01 PM May 14th 2009

Check out my single "ONE TIME" on my myspace and spread the word for me. Thanks 9:27 PM May 11th 2009