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Watching @jhodsdon get his first tat, awww 4:16 PM Nov 29th 2009

Working off the turkey — at Planet Granite San Francisco 11:07 AM Nov 28th 2009

i think this is real, find out who your first follower was: 11:16 PM Nov 27th 2009

@addisonkowalski something tells me you searched for this on bing 11:12 PM Nov 27th 2009

Happy thanksgiving!  10:05 AM Nov 26th 2009

how i got on the rubios mexican grill spam list is beyond me...sux. bright side: two for one tacos on wed's 1:48 PM Nov 25th 2009

Great book, congrats Kristin! RT: @glennmc Kristin's cookbook now available @ Amazon! Huge congrats! 10:18 AM Nov 25th 2009

@mager yea, it's a great time, do it! 10:01 AM Nov 25th 2009

@addisonkowalski sell it to me 10:31 PM Nov 24th 2009

@sacca dude, stop this tech shit and just become a comedian already, I seriously can't take any more tweets, funny shiz 10:16 PM Nov 24th 2009

@zephoria just watched your talk, great content! i spoke insanely fast for couple yrs, don't stress about it, it's just one conference :) 10:09 PM Nov 24th 2009

Very excited for my friends at WakeMate, can't wait for this to be released: 9:41 PM Nov 24th 2009

old, but so badass - intro video for fully flared (HD): 3:42 PM Nov 24th 2009

I use 1Password as my desktop pw manager, their iPhone app is free right now (limited time), just dl'ed it, enjoy: 3:04 PM Nov 24th 2009

@joshuadtanner awesome! 11:41 AM Nov 24th 2009

@sebek yea, the new one is going to be so sick.. all chrome 10:20 AM Nov 24th 2009

@ericdpalmer Awesome, they have great Pu-erh 10:17 AM Nov 24th 2009

@dankastner awesome, can't wait! 9:59 AM Nov 24th 2009

@dankastner stopped over @ the shop yesterday to check out @jhodsdon's bike, it's looking so dope! 8:37 AM Nov 24th 2009

internet browsing before shower, then off to digghq - 8:31 AM Nov 24th 2009

@adamsf enjoy! 9:27 PM Nov 23rd 2009

@Limes102 tipping point 10:23 AM Nov 22nd 2009

decided to rebuild my turbo encabulator today, but out of magneto reluctance fluid :( [video]: 10:20 AM Nov 22nd 2009

@Limes102 both! 10:15 AM Nov 22nd 2009

ironman was sooo good 12:34 AM May 5th 2008

Random: the coolest rugs I've ever seen, crazy expensive though - 5:14 PM May 4th 2008

@ev ahhh, nicely done! 5:08 PM May 4th 2008

racquetball w/ @sarahlane at 6, then ironman at 9:15 w/ @dlprager , @joestump - great sunday! 4:57 PM May 4th 2008

got the Digg iphone theme installed, for those wondering how: 9:53 PM May 3rd 2008

it's over, MS pulls bid for Yahoo - 7:40 PM May 3rd 2008

unique wine glasses 5:35 PM May 3rd 2008

oh, and I'm going to pick up Call of Duty 4, Alex destroyed me :( 2:43 PM May 3rd 2008

thinking of heading to EQ3 / emeryville (need stuff for the apartment), direct tweet me if you want in 2:35 PM May 3rd 2008

sometimes I turn on my laptop before getting out of bed, sad, but true. 10:07 AM May 3rd 2008

insanely productive day, now home to relax. Have a great friday evening! 6:25 PM May 2nd 2008

the new digg comments system is siiick, playing w/it now. I'm creating a video to post in a couple days - we're killing bugs, soon soon! 1:49 PM May 2nd 2008

@garyvee is having a book tour - check it 12:12 PM May 2nd 2008

@EliW I'm selling my drobo if you want it 11:47 AM May 2nd 2008

having some gunpowder green tea (small hand-rolled balls of tea from China), tastes like a campfire 11:37 AM May 2nd 2008

rearranging my netflix queue, any suggestions (blu-ray)? 8:25 PM May 1st 2008

time for some ginger tea w/honey then GTA4 while sick 2:04 PM May 1st 2008

well, that *small* soar throat/cold I had yesterday didn't really like diggnation last night - 3x worse today : fun show though 8:58 AM May 1st 2008

@laughingsquid thx brother, sorry I missed you 12:44 AM May 1st 2008

goodnight all, thx for coming out to the live diggnation, tired, must sleep 12:32 AM May 1st 2008

diggnation live on @veronica 10:18 PM Apr 30th 2008

Diggnation 9:08 PM Apr 30th 2008

about to go on stage 9:07 PM Apr 30th 2008

Driving to show 8:36 PM Apr 30th 2008

having drinks with @alexalbrecht before diggnation 7:11 PM Apr 30th 2008

@josephpred sux you can't make it. alex says hello 7:09 PM Apr 30th 2008

preparing stories for tonights live diggnation w/@alexalbrecht 4:16 PM Apr 30th 2008

Live Diggnation tonight in SF - come out! 10:44 AM Apr 30th 2008

Car damage 9:59 PM Apr 29th 2008

i just dented some guys audi (while parking) w/my car... sh*t, this is going to cost me a few hundred.. 9:52 PM Apr 29th 2008

I'm a judge for MIT's TR35 award this year. Time to finish reviewing the candidates and submit my recommendations. 6:04 PM Apr 29th 2008

@frenchs I'm going 5:17 PM Apr 29th 2008

to @ilyakarasin and all, the twitter spy feature is "track" read more here: 1:22 PM Apr 29th 2008

@neogigo yes 1:22 PM Apr 29th 2008

around 3AM, I get an email from "a nice girl that would like to chat + pics" poor girl can't afford a domain and uses only IP addresses 10:34 AM Apr 29th 2008

i love this application 11:35 PM Apr 28th 2008

I have a theory, close your eyes, walk into 'Whole Foods' and put random items into your cart. It always comes out to $45 a bag.. 10:23 PM Apr 28th 2008

heading to climbing, trying to finish a couple v3's that are tricky 7:27 PM Apr 28th 2008

@matterk haha, please do 6:18 PM Apr 28th 2008

several guys at the office have admitted to watching "gossip girl", what is this show? 6:13 PM Apr 28th 2008

@adholden congrats on starting the new (awesome show great) job! 5:33 PM Apr 28th 2008

@rowast both, I'll send out the link once it comes out, not sure which show 2:49 PM Apr 28th 2008

just finished guest DJ'ing on KCRW (Santa Monica), comes out in a couple weeks! 2:41 PM Apr 28th 2008

@Scobleizer - scripts (sans rate limiting) often times thrash db servers, why would they not block you? 11:53 AM Apr 28th 2008

going w/some pan-fried dragonwell tea this morning to start 9:26 AM Apr 28th 2008

kurt from digg is now on twitter @thekurt w00t 11:24 PM Apr 27th 2008

Elijah Wood just said he is a huge digg fan, holy hell... 9:02 PM Apr 27th 2008

preparing to record the TWIT podcast! @ reply me back w/any stories you'd like to see us cover! 3:49 PM Apr 27th 2008

just got casino royale and 2001 space odyssey on bluray! 2:00 PM Apr 27th 2008

heading to best buy, need more speaker connectors 1:34 PM Apr 27th 2008

home and time to sleep - TWIT tomorrow! 2:13 AM Apr 27th 2008

diggnation not donation! 11:02 PM Apr 26th 2008

being forced to have "a" beer by @poshy and @dburka. trying to save my liver for live dnation on wed 10:55 PM Apr 26th 2008

71 degrees in sf right now, just got back from a run w/ @dlprager - now time to clean the house, this time for realz 5:40 PM Apr 26th 2008

brunch with climbing crew, then home to get some work done. 1:57 PM Apr 26th 2008

crashing early tonight, climbing in the AM! 11:13 PM Apr 25th 2008

live video of the game on @aubs page 9:25 PM Apr 25th 2008

heading to giants game!! 7:34 PM Apr 25th 2008

favre is on the cover of Madden 09', hellll yes 5:05 PM Apr 25th 2008

@t @poshy @dlprager @melodymcc climbing tomorrow morning, 10AM? 11:46 AM Apr 25th 2008

Health tip of the day: Drink more tea 9:49 AM Jan 24th 2007

tapes 'n tapes 'n work n' poker night 7:17 PM Jan 23rd 2007

aboot to interview w/MTV canada 4:20 PM Jan 23rd 2007

Hurray for CD delivery 8:42 PM Jan 22nd 2007

the office smells like a highschool locker room. Mmm right guard in the air. 3:54 PM Jan 22nd 2007

time for morning tea 10:46 AM Jan 22nd 2007

home at last.. crazy long day. 11:04 PM Jan 21st 2007

just finished going to the 'fancy food show' don't ask... 4:47 PM Jan 21st 2007

Aren't sober Saturdays awesome? Climbing time! 10:10 AM Jan 20th 2007

working from home - laundry time 10:18 AM Jan 19th 2007

why am I still at work? 9:09 PM Jan 18th 2007

making ginger tea, mmm 6:41 PM Jan 18th 2007

band of horses, feb 27th! 3:38 PM Jan 18th 2007

I have risen on the 4th day 9:55 AM Jan 18th 2007

Off to Pragers 30th day of birth. Damn, I'm next... 29folife 6:31 PM Jan 17th 2007

Drinking tea @ work 5:43 PM Jan 17th 2007