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It's my birthday! Yay! 7:16 AM Dec 31st 2007

Bored. 11:56 AM Dec 30th 2007

Doing PDP assignment. Biggest waste of time ever! 4:40 AM Dec 30th 2007

Hungry and pretty wierd feeling at the moment, Miss talking to people and wish I had a job. v_v 2:10 PM Dec 29th 2007

Poo. 4:58 PM Dec 28th 2007

Doing assignments 8:59 AM Dec 28th 2007

Watching Eastenders... 12:31 PM Dec 27th 2007

Thinking about getting on with my assignments but I really don't wanna do them. -_- 4:35 AM Dec 27th 2007

Yay! Just got a refund for a DVd I bought 2 months ago that never turned up. Awesome. :D 3:17 AM Dec 24th 2007

Gonna start my 2 assignments to be in anuary...eugh. can't be bothered with them to be honest. :( 5:23 AM Dec 23rd 2007

Just 3 days to go! 3:36 AM Dec 22nd 2007

Delighted to see SWOS BACK ON THE XBOX LIVE ARCADE! Caps! 12:29 PM Dec 21st 2007

Annoyed at someone for ditching me and lying to me, so meh. Never mid, Im used to it. 6:38 AM Dec 21st 2007

Just woken up and shattered... eugh. 2:09 AM Dec 21st 2007

Testing out this twitter on myspace! Now I can update form my homepage which is pretty funky. 2:55 PM Dec 20th 2007

Just laying about doing bugger all. 2:40 PM Dec 20th 2007