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@cmasek i hope just sympathy. My back still really hurts. I am hoping gone in the morning. 6:16 PM Apr 13th 2009

turbotax is frustrating me! It keeps timing out. I guess I should have done my taxes before the deadline week! 4:42 PM Apr 13th 2009

Check out my flock of followers at 2:57 PM Apr 13th 2009

@chuckholland no we got it opened. working on changing mind set for blocked v. unblocked 1:09 PM Apr 13th 2009

@chuckholland diigo and delicious are blocked in our district, Chuck. Right, @techjulia ? 12:39 PM Apr 13th 2009

@techjulia give them just enough to request your time when they are ready to use them 12:08 PM Apr 13th 2009

@techjulia I agree with @glovely focus on 2 no more than 3. Hook'm so they will want more. 12:07 PM Apr 13th 2009

@chrislehmann I have to agree with being with kids. The magic happens all over again when I get to be in the classroom! 12:06 PM Apr 13th 2009

@tchilders hmm... then why mount the projectors if you cant use them. Most have 3K hrs of bulb life. i know replacement is $$ but come on.. 12:04 PM Apr 13th 2009

@Scout7 I have to say the MacBook is so wonderful. The transition is MUCH easier than I thought it would be 11:29 AM Apr 13th 2009

I (heart) my chiropractor! Dr. Carew in Columbia is the BEST! 10:52 AM Apr 13th 2009

@Scout7 I was! Now I am at work so on the phone! :) 6:14 AM Apr 13th 2009

First day back after spring break and I can barely move due to back pain. hmmm.... Heading to therapy later as soon as they can get me in. 5:38 AM Apr 13th 2009

RT @mrlosik: 100 tools for Twittering Teachers: 5:37 AM Apr 13th 2009

@TeachaKidd I added my school district. Thanks for collecting this data! 7:50 PM Apr 12th 2009

@cathyjo You never left me! I still have you in my network! 9:43 AM Apr 12th 2009

@dianatc Sounds like GREAT fun. I will he heading to my aunt and uncle's house in a bit for our Easter dinner 8:16 AM Apr 12th 2009

@wlukefox I hope he left more than tracks. :) Happy Easter. 8:15 AM Apr 12th 2009

Headed to church for the in church service-back to the house to finish Easter Bread for dinner this afternoon and off 2 the family dinner. 6:39 AM Apr 12th 2009

@fisher1000 That is precious! Happy Easter! 6:32 AM Apr 12th 2009

Sunrise service in the park is absolutely breath taking 5:53 AM Apr 12th 2009

@imcguy Should have been: RT @TechCrunch: Twitter Hit By StalkDaily Worm 6:25 PM Apr 11th 2009

@imcguy @TechCrunch: Twitter Hit By StalkDaily Worm 6:24 PM Apr 11th 2009

@edtechworkshop WOW! that is nice! 6:23 PM Apr 11th 2009

@edtechworkshop But I am excited for you!! Enjoy your next week! 6:20 PM Apr 11th 2009

@edtechworkshop I said the same thing about Saturday night last week. Now, sad spring break is almost over. :( 6:17 PM Apr 11th 2009

@cathyjo I was wondering what was up with your tweets! 5:54 PM Apr 11th 2009

@gkwood Why did it take so long for me to find my MacBook? I am here now and it is AWESOME! 3:41 PM Apr 11th 2009

@shirley8153 Its a historic day! 9:51 AM Apr 11th 2009

@crafty184 Sending thoughts of a sleeping baby for your flight. 9:50 AM Apr 11th 2009

Been setting up my MacBook. So this is what love is? 8:58 PM Apr 10th 2009

@ktenkely thanks! i love it! 8:28 PM Apr 10th 2009

@cathyjo Thanks! I did have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. My next visit I will have to meet up with you! 8:28 PM Apr 10th 2009

@crafty184 The store was absolutely crazy! I had a great time. 1:10 PM Apr 10th 2009

I am a proud owner of a MacBook. Will post pics later. Its the dawning of a new day... 12:55 PM Apr 10th 2009

@davidfisher65 Congratulations. I went a couple years ago and it was a lot of fun. 8:33 AM Apr 9th 2009

Its going to be a beautiful day. High in the mid 70's! I must not waste it! I hope you get to enjoy beautiful weather where you are! 6:56 AM Apr 9th 2009

Is it me or are Twitter and TweetDeck not talking very well? #TweetDeck 6:38 AM Apr 9th 2009

@Eleroo I am hoping I have my grandfather's genes so I can be that healthy at 101 7:00 PM Apr 8th 2009

@teryl_magee He has great stories. I love listening to them. 6:59 PM Apr 8th 2009

@shirley8153 Thanks! He doesn't feel quite that young but he is still all there! 6:59 PM Apr 8th 2009

@cathyjo: exercise or talk to d warlick? 6:52 PM Oct 16th 2007

tonight i made a difference..i think 4:54 PM Oct 16th 2007

so @ a workshop a teacher asked if she could hug me b/c she was excited about technology 4:48 PM Oct 16th 2007

I am doing a happy dance... ustream is not blocked at my district! 10:49 AM Oct 16th 2007

@teach42 the network heart u 2! :) Thanks for the smackdown! 2:52 PM Oct 15th 2007

@cathyjo: I wish we could change the midset about wikipedia... same mindset here with google... its bad 10:08 AM Oct 15th 2007

can you believe it wikispaces is STILL blocked in my district 9:52 AM Oct 15th 2007

@teach42: Have you tried jing not sure if it is what you are looking for 9:05 AM Oct 15th 2007

Fetc is a great conference 6:27 PM Oct 14th 2007

@techjulia: is this thing working? 4:51 PM Oct 14th 2007

I love the 80's ... just wanted to share. Listening to VH1 while working 4:29 PM Oct 14th 2007

tonight I am just amazed at the change in how we all learn. Twit, blogs, gtalk, etc. its so fluid! 4:16 PM Oct 14th 2007

Trying out the twitter device in gtalk 3:18 PM Oct 14th 2007

Just got home from a little roadtrip... Waxhaw, NC is beautiful! 3:06 PM Oct 14th 2007

Setting up things for SC Edtech. Do I make reservations for convenience or points? Tough decision. 8:10 AM Oct 13th 2007

My brain is a flutter... home early... clean the house or catch up on blogs??? What's a girl to do? 11:52 AM Oct 12th 2007