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@fcseh yeah, the WebsiteSpark announcement was @scottgu's big announcement. I put that on my favorites. 4:48 PM Sep 24th 2009

RT @marissamayer: Very excited about the new "Place Pages" on Google Maps: (Very cool, location services getting bettr) 4:03 PM Sep 24th 2009

The last three Gillmor Gangs have been really geeky (developer centric) and great. has the show. 3:02 PM Sep 24th 2009

@laughingsquid nah, we're talking about geekier stuff than my little SUL list. :-) 2:08 PM Sep 24th 2009

Brett Slatkin of PubSubHubBub and David Recordon of Facebook are on the Gillmor Gang live right now. Join us at 2:07 PM Sep 24th 2009

@joshuamauldin for me that sentiment DOES still come into play for new startups that are just getting going like @foursquare 2:02 PM Sep 24th 2009

I am wearing a @laughingsquid shirt on the Gillmor Gang today, which will start as soon as @stevegillmor Skype's me. 2:01 PM Sep 24th 2009

RT @Jason: @jasonfried it's fine if u want to build a 10-30m business/exit (I did once!), but let the big dreamers take their moon shot. 1:47 PM Sep 24th 2009

Bubbles burst on VC funded companies every 18 months so Twitter will either turn profitable in next year or be sold for its brand @GEOpdx we 1:40 PM Sep 24th 2009

Cool I agree on that @jasonfried In Twitter's case, though, I don't think the valuation is ridiculous at all. 1:35 PM Sep 24th 2009

RT @jasonfried: This isn't about Twitter, it's about the ridiculous world of tech valuation based on investments instead of profits. 1:32 PM Sep 24th 2009

Hey @jasonfried nice press release! 37Signals is worth that much to me! But Twitter jealosy doesn't lead anywhere good. Trust me on that. 1:23 PM Sep 24th 2009

RT @jtoeman: my response to @TechCrunch, @parislemon and @Scobleizer RT @s2: A Vision of an Embargo-Free World 1:11 PM Sep 24th 2009

Heh @debbie10864 has one of the better lines for getting a Twitter follow I have seen lately. I am watching her now. :-) 1:06 PM Sep 24th 2009

Two messages in my DMs this morning: 1. I am unfollowing 2. WTF did you do cause I have a ton of new followers? Cleaning up the mess now. 1:00 PM Sep 24th 2009

RT @LarryChiang in BusinessWeek: How to Close a Deal Via Twitter #140tc (I don't agree with all of these but worthy). 12:58 PM Sep 24th 2009

You can invent the wiki like @WardCunningham did but you won't get on the SUL. 1:03 AM Sep 24th 2009

You can be a "sir" and one of the best speakers ever like @SirKenRobinson but he can't get on the SUL. (Look him up on TEDTalks or YouTube). 1:02 AM Sep 24th 2009

You can create Ask a Ninja like @kentnichols but the Ninjas can't beat their way onto the SUL. 1:01 AM Sep 24th 2009

You can be ultra cool robot maker @bre but you can't get on the SUL. Neither can the smart people at @carnegiemellon 12:58 AM Sep 24th 2009

You can teach everyone to make a mean cocktail like @drinkboy does (he also owns the Cocktail Museum) but he can't get on the SUL. 12:56 AM Sep 24th 2009

You can co-found VisiCalc and make major improvements to the spreadsheet like @BobFrankston and @danb did but you can't get on the SUL. 12:52 AM Sep 24th 2009

Want a tour of Alcatraz? @rangercraig does that every day but can't get on the SUL. He should lock @biz up! :-) 12:50 AM Sep 24th 2009

I blame Drew's cancer that @drew isn't on the SUL. 12:48 AM Sep 24th 2009

The @gatesfoundation is making millions of people's lives better but can't get onto the SUL. Neither can most other charities/nonprofits. 12:48 AM Sep 24th 2009

The best writer at Fast Company magazine @ellmcgirt can't get on the SUL. 12:44 AM Sep 24th 2009

If @facebook got on Twitter's SUL that would be funny! But imagine a world where Twitter gets that confident! 12:43 AM Sep 24th 2009

He might be a key player in the HTML 5.0 spec, but @diveintomark isn't on the SUL. 12:41 AM Sep 24th 2009

.@cringely was one of first Apple employees, works for PBS, is one of smartest people I know, is building moon rockets, and can't get on SUL 12:40 AM Sep 24th 2009

.@pscoble is my son and can't get on the SUL. Neither can @euan who works for the BBC. Nor @charleneli who is a great social media analyst. 12:38 AM Sep 24th 2009

Everyone I know in tech industry reads @techmeme but that can't get onto the SUL (great tech news from blogs). 12:37 AM Sep 24th 2009

.@Sequoia_Capital has more money than @god but can't get on SUL. Neither can any other VC I can find. 12:36 AM Sep 24th 2009

This guy @tedr steps in dog poop so you don't have to (he runs, which is very popular with dog owners) but can't get on SUL 12:34 AM Sep 24th 2009

You can be a great designer, even one who works at Twitter, like @stop or one who doesn't @veen @zeldman but they can't get on the SUL. 12:33 AM Sep 24th 2009

RT: @asgodfrey @Scobleizer Ive yet to find someone more obnoxiously pompous than you. (Better mail than jail). 12:31 AM Sep 24th 2009

Running and getting the world to believe in cloud computing won't get @MarcBenioff on the SUL. 12:28 AM Sep 24th 2009

If you read the "TwitterGate" papers that @techcrunch published you probably understand why @marissamayer isn't on the SUL. 12:27 AM Sep 24th 2009

MySpace might have just synced up with Twitter but @danidudeck who runs PR there can't get on the SUL. 12:26 AM Sep 24th 2009

One of the most powerful women in Silicon Valley @tseelig who runs entrepreneur program at Stanford University isn't on the SUL. 12:25 AM Sep 24th 2009

. @megnut was one of the cofounders of Blogger with @ev and she can't get on the SUL. Neither can @LisaStone one of Blogher cofounders. 12:21 AM Sep 24th 2009

.@kodakCB has a better video camera than the Flip and @stevegarfield says so but neither can get on the SUL. 12:16 AM Sep 24th 2009

.@joelhousman for the record, if I were added to the Suggested User List I would ask to be removed. It's NOT a meritocracy. I want no part. 11:02 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@joelhousman It's my way of sharing some of the cool people I've found in my Twitter journey. Who cares that you need some duct tape? 11:00 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@gotwoods A ton of us Rackers - Rackspace employees - are watching Twitter. Can we help you? 10:59 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@brandon_wirtz no one except me and Pattinson search Google for "Robert." :-) 10:57 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Sigh @RPattinsonActor is #1 on Google for "Robert" (ask me why I know this) and is a great actor and can't get on Twitter's SUL. 10:54 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Heh @OndiTimoner is the only person to win the Sundance Film Festival TWICE and she can't get on Twitter's Suggested User List. 10:53 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Another reason I hate the SUL: @OSTRICK did Obama's campaign video and can't get on the SUL. @sulrecommendation 10:49 PM Sep 23rd 2009

.@Ed nah, the list just means "verified idiot." How do I know that? I'm on that list. :-) 10:45 PM Sep 23rd 2009

RT @tremendousnews: What controversy? 3 Reasons Why Twitter's New RT Function Is Tremendous: (I CAN NOT WAIT!!!) 10:37 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@Michellemmm I would not be allowed into a fashion tweetup. But glad you will be there to bring the rest of us geeks into that world! :-) 10:27 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@Hunter hah @stevecase is no more boring than most of the people on the SUL, like @oprah -- come now, her Tweets suck. 10:26 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@radmoose the death of the SUL would be just fine with me. Replace it with or or 10:24 PM Sep 23rd 2009

How about: He started eBay but can't get into the Twitter Suggested User List: @pierre #sulrecommendation 10:23 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Here's another one: he started AOL but can't get on Twitter's Suggested User List: @stevecase #sulrecommdation 10:22 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@HilzFuld hashtag for our SUL recommendations? #sulfriday or something lame like that. :-) 10:20 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Instead of #FollowFriday I think we should all nominate people for Twitter's Suggested User List. But only awesome people please! 10:18 PM Sep 23rd 2009

It is a crime that @zefrank isn't on Twitter's Suggested User List. That dude is funny (I'm not). must watch videos! 10:16 PM Sep 23rd 2009

RT: @markjaquith It occurs to me that you could add people you don't like very much to FourSquare to make it easier to avoid them. (Hah!) 10:02 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@cronai if you follow only people you can say something nice about the noise level goes way down on Twitter. Even if it gets to 3,000. 10:02 PM Sep 23rd 2009

.@Kichigai one reason I +LOVE+ Twitter's Suggested User List is because anyone who begs to get on it doesn't. @jason begged. :-) 9:59 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@Mazy cool, let me know if I can help make the Ustream app better. Now that I've put 10 hours into it I have some suggestions. :-) 9:58 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Another reason I hate Twitter's Suggested User List? @Zephoria isn't on it and she's keynoting @sxsw next year that's where Twitter got hot. 9:57 PM Sep 23rd 2009

I'm following almost 3,000 people, objects & companies and I could say a nice thing about each one. I think I'll do a blog to start on that. 9:50 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Why do I hate Twitter's Suggested User List? Because @missrogue isn't on it. Not enough Whuffie, I guess. ;-( 9:48 PM Sep 23rd 2009

I watch a lot of Twitter accounts. @stevecase is on fire. The guy who invented AOL. He is on 9:47 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@sethgoldstein glad you noticed TechCrunch's improvements too. I thought it was just me. 9:45 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@brandon_wirtz oh, only if that were true! Of course if it were, I probably would be blocked from TechCrunch too. :-) 9:44 PM Sep 23rd 2009

.@arrington did you do something? The quality of comments on TechCrunch has gone up lately. So has speed of site. 9:39 PM Sep 23rd 2009

PR people: 10 ways to screw up @techcrunch’s embargo policy. 8:42 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@_MattWelch_ yes that's exactly what I'm saying, but let's argue it out in my comments! 8:07 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@eric_andersen I will probably switch from doing Twitter favorites to using the new retweet features, but not sure yet. Will need to try it. 7:30 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Why @zee is wrong about @foursquare and @gowalla location games: Antifeatures. @ginatrapani & @amyjokim see this 7:29 PM Sep 23rd 2009

RT @loic: On the #140tc panel replacing @scobleizer won't be as smart as Robert but will try (humility > ego). 5:46 PM Sep 23rd 2009

RT @Jesse: SocialToo Launches Anti-Virus Solution for Twitter (lots of launches today!) 5:33 PM Sep 23rd 2009

RT @latimesnystrom: @Peoplebrowsr clarified stat; it's 500 not 5000 tweets/second, but Jodee quipped it will be 5k soon #140tc 5:32 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Demo God award winners are on my Favorites at saves a ton of retweeting! 5:26 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@patricktrack Digg and social networks are shared spaces. But I control what goes on my Twitter or Digg account. 2:34 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@MartinJohnson you can comment all you want about my content: on your space. My space is my living room and I get to control it. 2:31 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@ChrisSaad Naked Conversations is old. Control and distribution is a HUGE issue thanks to spammers and bad actors. 2:13 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@ChrisSaad true but I also don't have to give those comments any distribution. On FriendFeed I can even delete and block. 2:11 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@ChrisSaad you don't get the problem with Google's Sidewiki: it's not that I can't see the content. It's that I don't control it. 1:59 PM Sep 23rd 2009

I just was talking to @stevegillmor about Gillmor Gang. He engineers each week's show so at least one person is listening. Tomorrow. 1 p.m. 1:57 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Google is learning a lesson that Microsoft learned back in 2002: stay off of our content. @davewiner hit them with the clue stick! 1:51 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@ChrisKubica times change. I used to read newspapers too. Now I use a Kindle. So? 1:50 PM Sep 23rd 2009

I really hate companies that let people put stuff on top of my content without my consent. @davewiner is right on this one. 1:49 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@ChrisKubica but seriously, I haven't been using that many things for more than five years, Web app wise. Flickr, Wordpress come to mind. 1:40 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@ChrisKubica what web apps have I been using for more than five years? You mean like Google, Craig's List, etc? :-) 1:38 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@cavemandrawings heh we do have personal boundaries too. @maryamie laid down the law with me too which is one reason I didn't broadcast live 1:28 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Sorry @mike567 I have shared deep trauma in my life too and lots of good came there 2. 1:16 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Interesting @rafe tells the Demo conference to change, a lot: #tc50 #demo 1:14 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@centernetworks says to check out from but not many others responded. Is #Demo really that dead this year? 1:01 PM Sep 23rd 2009

I don't live in fear of disaster like @mike567 recommends. I share my life because the more I do the more good things happen in return. 12:59 PM Sep 23rd 2009

RT: @mashable WARNING: Twitter Worm Spreading via Direct Messages - (make sure you don't click DM links). 12:52 PM Sep 23rd 2009

@andrewmueller my faves get shoved over to FriendFeed and I can find lots of things there (search there is better than Twitter search). 12:51 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Interesting to see how many people missed we had a baby Saturday night has my post on that. 12:49 PM Sep 23rd 2009

I've been in the hospital since Saturday with my wife and newborn baby Ryan @KennedyIAm and @davegrun going home today. Everyone is great! 12:43 PM Sep 23rd 2009

Since I've been in the hospital I missed -- anyone have a top five list of companies I should try out from there? 12:39 PM Sep 23rd 2009

"I look at Twitter as an intelligent browser," says @tonyrobbins at #140tc. Exactly. Why I do: 12:16 PM Sep 23rd 2009

RT @brettschulte: @ryanblock is the only person that can resist @tonyrobbins at #140tc (he sat on his hands while everyone else hugged.) 11:46 AM Sep 23rd 2009

RT @arrington: ...and the haters are out in force leaving comments on google sidewiki. what has it been, three hours since it launched? 11:44 AM Sep 23rd 2009

RT @loic: "Happy people don't tweet or write emails to tear other people down" @tonyrobbins #140tc (Tony rocked the house today). 11:36 AM Sep 23rd 2009

RT @bryanbell: Video: Chase Jarvis new iPhone app is rather amazing. 9:26 AM Sep 23rd 2009

RT @kimbal: This is super cool! 7 Amazing Twitter visualizations :: 10,000 Words (via @OneRiot) 9:25 AM Sep 23rd 2009

RT @Ed: @140tc Here's a short link to the #140tc Ustream. Have to see @TonyRobbins (starts in 10 mins) 9:19 AM Sep 23rd 2009

RT @lewmoorman: Rackspace's view on the NoSQL movement and our commitment to Cassandra. 9:16 AM Sep 23rd 2009

Google Sidewiki info is on my Twitter Favorites. I see @arrington agrees with me. 8:23 AM Sep 23rd 2009

@ChrisKubica who said I don't self promote? I do often and early. :-) 8:09 AM Sep 23rd 2009

Ahh Google Sidewikik is latest attempt by big company to make money off of my content on my blog. This has been tried before. See @gigaom 8:06 AM Sep 23rd 2009

@krystyl wow. PeeWee got 10,000 followers in one night. Congrats to my friend @tinythoughts 7:47 AM Sep 23rd 2009

@mattgemmell I am not doing a Windows 7 launch party but they sure seem to have hit a home run with the concept. 3:02 AM Sep 23rd 2009

@mattgemmell I subscribe to people who say I am full of crap to try to learn something new. Plus it gets me ready for changing diapers. ;-) 2:47 AM Sep 23rd 2009

@paulcarr those transparent shoes rock. 7:48 PM Sep 22nd 2009

@CathyBrowne yeah, everything is going great with mom and baby. He's sleeping now so I get some blogging time! :-) 12:42 AM Sep 22nd 2009

@GuyKawasaki nah, I am staying home. @maryamie is in hospital after giving birth on Saturday night. has pics. 12:40 AM Sep 22nd 2009

Congrats to @GuyKawasaki on version 3 of Alltop. Looking good! 12:37 AM Sep 22nd 2009

Good stuff on Twitter today. Here are my favorite Tweets: 12:14 AM Sep 22nd 2009

@paulcarr yeah but @tc140 has geeks mixing with celebs. That would be the no brainer, right? 11:47 PM Sep 21st 2009

@paulcarr which conference has a better chance at a funny column? 11:42 PM Sep 21st 2009

Thanks to @loic for taking my place at @140tc on Wednesday. Will be watching! 11:21 PM Sep 21st 2009

@bjacaruso I am often idiotic but even I know better than to attend a tech event while @maryamie is in hospital. She can tweet! :-) 10:39 PM Sep 21st 2009

RT @Ustream: We'll be streaming live all day tomorrow from the Twitter Conference in LA #140tc! Tune in at 10:34 PM Sep 21st 2009

Perfect iPhone/baby technique demonstrated by @pscoble: [pic] 8:46 PM Sep 21st 2009

@HowardBienstock little Ryan was born Saturday night at 11:32 p.m.; 7 lbs 13 oz. 20.5 inches long. Lots of fun! 7:56 PM Sep 21st 2009

Today is World Gratitude day. I can't express my gratitude enough 4 getting a day off with little Ryan. 7:52 PM Sep 21st 2009

@ChrisKubica yeah, I'm getting sleep 140 characters at a time. :-) Ryan loves sleeping during day, staying up at night. Just like me! :-) 7:32 PM Sep 21st 2009

I can't wait to try out Twitter's new retweet feature (when will it be here?) Will I use it instead of Twitter's Favorites? Probably! 7:30 PM Sep 21st 2009

@latimesnystrom the NYTimes thing was a misquote. Not 10%. But Twitter is now in top 10% of referers to NYT. 7:16 PM Sep 21st 2009

@ccheath yeah, I follow @zee but missed his Gowalla tweet. I'm using both. Will write up my thoughts tomorrow after Gowalla ships officially 7:02 PM Sep 21st 2009

Do you Gowalla? @steverubel does. Hey Steve, how does it compare to @foursquare for you? 6:43 PM Sep 21st 2009

@WiredGenius nah, I switch on iPhone between Facebook, FriendFeed, Twitter (using SimplyTweet). 4:52 PM Sep 21st 2009

@WiredGenius I don't like TweetDeck on iPhone, and that's where I do most of my social media stuff on iPhone. So can't use it as default. 4:47 PM Sep 21st 2009

@lacorbeau Jaiku was nice but failed in the marketplace and FriendFeed and Facebook took away much of its specialness. 4:46 PM Sep 21st 2009

RT @Jason Building a list of TechCrunch50 2007-2009 Twitter Handles.... Please help me! #tc50 4:43 PM Sep 21st 2009

I don't use groups in TweetDeck or Seesmic. I change clients too often. I do that in FriendFeed, though. 4:41 PM Sep 21st 2009

yeah, there's a new TweetDeck out. 30.5. Trying to decide whether I like it better than Seesmic or Threadsy. 4:19 PM Sep 21st 2009

I have to admit I like Threadsy's approach best. Why? Because I'm addicted to Twitter and ignoring my email and Threadsy brings both togethr 4:18 PM Sep 21st 2009

I am playing with new Threadsy, new Seesmic, new TweetDeck. All with baby Ryan by my side. Gotta get him started early! 4:17 PM Sep 21st 2009

RT @zappos: Embarking on a social media strategy to help w/ marketing is like embarking on a facial muscle strategy to help w/ smiling. 3:56 PM Sep 21st 2009

@kapoorsunny I do a large part of my social networking on the iPhone. SimplyTweet rocks. 3:06 PM Sep 21st 2009

@socialwok I'm not scheduling anything until next week. Let's talk then, OK? Thanks! 2:56 PM Sep 21st 2009

@orville thanks, we're working on my blog so troubles might be ahead today. 2:45 PM Sep 21st 2009

@jkottke had a daughter yesterday. Very cool. Congrats! 1:26 AM Sep 21st 2009

@rickmans that's why I switched to SimplyTweet, which I totally love! Best iPhone Twitter app by far! 12:24 AM Sep 21st 2009

@erinely yeah I unfollowed everyone and then refollowed by hand. I unfollowed 106,000. 12:15 AM Sep 21st 2009

Find cool webapps on @appvita Short Twitter reviews. Nice! 10:56 PM Sep 20th 2009

@erinely I haven't tried to clean out my followers. I only worry about who +I+ am following. Trying to control followers is Twitter's job. 10:54 PM Sep 20th 2009

@chrisyeh you shouldn't be in tech media either if that is the case! 10:38 PM Sep 20th 2009

@thattalldude I have had many many times less spam after unfollowing everyone. Twitter is much more enjoyable now. 10:24 PM Sep 20th 2009

@danielbru you have it backward. I would aim at you major then pick college. Like CMU has awesome robotics department. 9:00 PM Sep 20th 2009

Thinking of @drew who is facing some heavy cancer test results this week. Little Ryan sends you his super power! What is it? Love! Big love. 8:51 PM Sep 20th 2009

@counternotions I don't disagree. That is why I read 2,800 people: to fit in the gaps that my passions leave. 8:37 PM Sep 20th 2009

RT @manukumar: Agreed. RT @rashmi: The twitter facebook overlap ratio is getting bigger. Worse signal to noise ratio for both (Agreed!) 8:27 PM Sep 20th 2009

Going to @140tc from Rackspace and @building43 will be @rjamestaylor and @rocmanusa 8:27 PM Sep 20th 2009

Bummed that I am going to miss @brettschulte and this week because @maryamie will be in hospital til Wed. 8:24 PM Sep 20th 2009

Hahah @Pogue figures out his followers: 8:21 PM Sep 20th 2009

@danielbru learn something hard. That is why I took calculus in college. It teaches you how to do something hard which is a skill u will use 8:19 PM Sep 20th 2009

@counternotions I am passionate about what will be, yes. Not what is. Nor what was. 8:17 PM Sep 20th 2009

@tophtucker yeah we named our baby RSS intentionally. I also want little Ryan to follow @ryanblock's gadgety geekiness! 8:15 PM Sep 20th 2009

@danielbru learn Chinese if you go to college. TechCrunch needs more insights into what is going on in China. :-) 8:13 PM Sep 20th 2009

@ferringer Comcast DOES care about its brand name. If Comcast does evil, we'll all let @comcastcares know about it. :-) 11:00 AM May 15th 2008

TinyURL for BusinessWeek article on Twitter: 10:59 AM May 15th 2008

@ferringer for users? I'm not too worried. Other companies will take up slack if Comcast kills it for use in Settop boxes. 10:58 AM May 15th 2008

@ferringer Plaxo selling for $100/$150 million is a failure, believe it or not. 10:57 AM May 15th 2008

@ferringer but my thoughts are: Plaxo failed to get a good brand going. I got pushback everytime I talked about Plaxo. 10:56 AM May 15th 2008

@ferringer I gave my thoughts on Comcast and Plaxo on the Gillmor Gang yesterday. 10:56 AM May 15th 2008

BusinessWeek on why Twitter matters: 10:52 AM May 15th 2008

@anjrued twitter down? FriendFeed! 9:01 PM May 14th 2008

@agfhome now you understand why I have been such a cheerleader for Qik. 8:56 PM May 14th 2008

@rocmanusa and I just got done with a killer day. Three interviews and a beach trip with a bunch of Swiss geeks. 8:48 PM May 14th 2008

@duncanriley that is me ... Killing Duncan's new site! Heh! 8:46 PM May 14th 2008

@robdiana embargoes force herd behavior. They turn news into a commodity where no one can gain any advantage. @techcrunch wins this game. 10:21 AM May 14th 2008

NPR almost arrested for ... taking pictures? 10:16 AM May 14th 2008

Crap, I'm running late to pick up Rocky and head to SlideRocket for an interview. 10:07 AM May 14th 2008

@centernetworks it's why I decided not to go see Neil Young. I don't want to have the same story everyone else is getting fed. 10:06 AM May 14th 2008

@centernetworks all truth be told, I hate embargoes. I generally am running the other way now. 10:05 AM May 14th 2008