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decided to be TOTALLY FRANK & use @FrankGruber - so please follow that for SOMEWHAT FRANK, TECH cocktail & other updates there! Stay TUNED! 9:15 AM Mar 4th 2009

Just worked out and finished up a run outside. I am loving Virginia weather today! 2:45 PM Mar 11th 2007

You are making eggs Mike? I wish I lived close by, I'd be over in a flash. :) Why don't you get the mitt our and throw the cowhide around? 10:03 AM Mar 11th 2007

Weather is warm here in Arlington, VA today! It was 68 degrees yesterday and I am hoping for the same today. 9:12 AM Mar 11th 2007

Woke up and changed all the clocks for daylight savings. Brewed some coffee and made some peaches & cream oatmeal for breakfast. 8:53 AM Mar 11th 2007

just woke my place it looks like a war zone. 8:27 AM Mar 10th 2007

Leaving AOL HQ now...headed for some food and a much needed cocktail. 7:42 PM Mar 9th 2007

It is Friday at 7:07pm.... still at AOL HQ working. I need a happy hour! 5:08 PM Mar 9th 2007

Still at the office working on paperwork. 4:28 PM Mar 9th 2007

Just got into the office in Dulles - TGIF! 7:07 AM Mar 9th 2007

Just got back from dinner. Writing a quick blog post then to bed. Another long day! 9:11 PM Mar 8th 2007

Headed to meet Nick O'Neill of in Crystal City. 4:07 PM Mar 8th 2007

I like SplashCast. I use it at least once a week on :) 3:36 PM Mar 8th 2007

Just got back from the dentist and I cannot feel my bottom lip. 8:46 AM Mar 8th 2007

Still working on paperwork but now watching Colbert Report 9:54 PM Mar 7th 2007

watching the Daily Show 9:20 PM Mar 7th 2007

Working on some updates to some AOL product documents. 9:10 PM Mar 7th 2007