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sticking nasal spray up my nose :P 6:45 PM Jul 28th 2007

@ - you update too much!!! :D Watching a clip of Tyra Banks talking to a really racist/nazi family...eek! 6:03 PM Jul 28th 2007

@ - if you're both strong, everything will be ok. trust me, ive been there twice now. except he watches me pack:( 5:35 AM Jul 28th 2007

Watching a Silverchair documentary & wondering if Twitter will get so big that it'll have to do a YouTube and have a US Twitter and a Brazil 5:29 AM Jul 28th 2007

Walked on the beach with my best friend Harry and talked for hours. He looked really hot haha 3:30 PM Jul 25th 2007

After a bumpy flight, I arrived in Brisbane, Australia. Saw Knocked Up. Walked on the Beach. Aussie winter is like the San Francisco summer. 5:34 PM Jul 24th 2007

Waiting in line at the QANTAS check in. Really hoping my bags were transferred 9:00 PM Jul 21st 2007

Goodbye everybody! Going back to AusLand :-Dbe back soon x 4:23 PM Jul 21st 2007

I am so sick of saying goodbye to my boyfriend. Now we'll have the pacific ocean between us and it really hurts. Trying not to cry 10:30 AM Jul 20th 2007

Went to Panda Express - American portions are too big for me, so I took it home. Ben went to dry cleaners and I'm about to get to work... 5:35 PM Jul 19th 2007

Just got twitter on my phone...and I'm excited about it haha 3:20 PM Jul 19th 2007

I just finished watching Mr Safety get snapped by a rubber band and am about to go out to lunch : ) 3:14 PM Jul 19th 2007

I'm following random strangers while a boy touches a nice way hahahaha 9:16 PM Jul 18th 2007

I am sitting on my bed, sunburnt from Disney land, and checking out PopUrls...and staring at my love, Benh3m3 xxx 9:10 PM Jul 18th 2007 3:49 PM Jul 16th 2007

I am sitting next to Brookers and we are on our computers. I am listening to a recording of people who are about to commit mass suicide :( 3:48 PM Jul 16th 2007