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@JazN We don't publish our store recipes online - you'll have to check in with the store to see if they're willing to share. :) 3:43 PM Apr 21st 2009

@tvkiii Are you looking for white popcorn kernels? Those are almost always a golden yellow hue; some varieties are black. 2:18 PM Apr 21st 2009

@davidlink We will be holding our quarterly earnings call and webcast on Wed. May 13th. More details: 2:16 PM Apr 21st 2009

Blog Contest: Make a Simple Green Resolution for a chance to win a $25 gift card & FEED100 bag! 2:06 PM Apr 21st 2009

@jasonbreed Alas, we will not be able to join in on the session next week, but thanks for keeping us in mind and good luck! 2:01 PM Apr 21st 2009

@jasonbreed Thanks for the offer, but we won't be able to join in on the session. Good luck! 2:01 PM Apr 21st 2009

@kmwjimison Many of our stores do have free wifi, but it's up to each individual store whether or not to have it - so check w/ yours! 1:56 PM Apr 21st 2009

@davidlink You can find weekly specials on your store's webpage. Find yours at 1:55 PM Apr 21st 2009

@zacharylang Sorry to hear that you did not like the bread. Let the folks at your local store know and they can offer refund/replacement! 1:54 PM Apr 21st 2009

@azjonline TBHQ is an artificial preservative found in certain vegetable oils to prevent spoilage. 12:34 PM Apr 21st 2009

@jenniferzhenyu The Gimme 5 Program will be in our Austin flagship store starting in May. Stay tuned! 12:34 PM Apr 21st 2009

@PGHTornado TBHQ is on our list of unacceptable ingredients ( ) so all the bread in our stores should be a-okay. 11:04 AM Apr 21st 2009

@LuckyCat7 We don't intentionally block *any* followers. Not sure what's up, but we're following you now so you can follow back! 10:59 AM Apr 21st 2009

@nybe Thanks for the heads up. I'll pass this feedback along to our folks in Grocery. 10:34 AM Apr 21st 2009

@clcutts We are bringing Gimme 5 to our Austin stores in May! Each store decides if they participate. Encourage your local store to join. 10:13 AM Apr 21st 2009

@CaseyB86 @chris_holmes If you'd like to see your respective bagel products in stores, let your local store know! :) 9:41 AM Apr 21st 2009

@oldmaide Yup, raw cabbage, such is in cole slaw is a-okay to eat so long as it's well washed. 9:34 AM Apr 21st 2009

@wkleintop Each store decides if they can participate. You can encourage your local store to join in by letting them know directly. 9:33 AM Apr 21st 2009

@LadySOULdja To find your nearest store, go to 9:30 AM Apr 21st 2009

@aileenchen Our team members in each store make freshly prepared foods every day. Thanks for the love! 9:06 AM Apr 21st 2009

@surgikel Hi Kelly, You'll have to check w/ the store you ordered with about that. You can find their contact info: 9:01 AM Apr 21st 2009

@emzki Thanks for the heads up - best way to get a product back on shelves is to let your local store know directly! 8:49 AM Apr 21st 2009

@aisherri Hi Alma - confused about what you mean by "special projects"... can you elaborate? Thanks! 8:31 AM Apr 21st 2009

@leozh Not yet, but we're working on it! For a full list of our stores on Twitter, check 4:22 PM Apr 20th 2009

@robinisajones Some studies suggest kombucha's health benefits, in particular relating to its acidity & glucuronic acid content. 4:00 PM Apr 20th 2009

Could you be the next "Organic Idol"? 3:52 PM Apr 20th 2009

@jkarpus Just confirmed with our Private Label folks that our chipotle sauce has been discontinued. 3:50 PM Apr 20th 2009

@gwc11713 Whoops - it should be ! 3:48 PM Apr 20th 2009

@austinsmom13 We do carry baked goods made with spelt - check w/ your local store for their selection. 3:06 PM Apr 20th 2009

@jkarpus Angel Puffs were reformulated and renamed Karma Puffs. Looking into the BBQ sauce. 2:56 PM Apr 20th 2009

@elena834 To make a product request, please contact your local store directly. Thanks! 2:49 PM Apr 20th 2009

@neera2u Generally a mild white fish, such as tilapia is used in fish tacos. 2:45 PM Apr 20th 2009

@FantasyCreature We strive to offer a diverse ans sustainable seafood selection. Thanks for shopping w/ us! 2:44 PM Apr 20th 2009

@gwc11713 Some of our stores do carry fresh yeast. Check w/ Guest Services of your local store. 2:05 PM Apr 20th 2009

@niamclean Check w/ your local store as prepared food items very from store to store. It may have been due to lack of demand. 2:04 PM Apr 20th 2009

@mindyklement Each store determines whether or not to have wireless service. Contact your local store to ask if they would consider. 1:43 PM Apr 20th 2009

@FreeskierInVT We come out with our sales flyers on Wednesday of each week. They're available in the store as well as online. 1:42 PM Apr 20th 2009

@JenniferBridge Best thing to do is consult w/ a doctor; in general, avoid seafood, dairy, iodized salt, eggs, artificial dyes. 10:41 AM Apr 20th 2009

@erindu Prepared food varies from store to store based on customer feedback, season, etc. Let your local store now what you'd like to see! 10:38 AM Apr 20th 2009

@stevesalge Chai in the US usually refers to black tea w/ cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, peppercorn, & cloves; served w/ milk. 10:37 AM Apr 20th 2009

@jonmyers Which store do you shop? I can pass your feedback along to the Produce Manager. Thanks! 10:34 AM Apr 20th 2009

@ReillyFies Events vary from store to store. Check w/ your local store's event calendar on their webpage: 10:10 AM Apr 20th 2009

@peanutbutterboy If you still have the jar, call your local store about what happened and they can follow up w/ the manufacturer. Thanks. 9:51 AM Apr 20th 2009

@EYLopez GMO stands for "Genetically Modified Organism"; proven to have negative impact on environment and possibly human health. 9:50 AM Apr 20th 2009

@eastendbootgirl Recipes for prepared foods vary from store to store; we don't have nutritional info available online. Check w/ your store. 9:45 AM Apr 20th 2009

@Epeidon Recycled toilet paper is recycled from other paper! :) It saves us from cutting down new trees to, uhm... wipe our bums. 9:44 AM Apr 20th 2009

@campobellodoro Good point - though we strive to use recycled and reusable materials for store signage. 9:41 AM Apr 20th 2009

@FreeskierInVT For most of our stores, you can find the weekly sales flier on their store page: 9:40 AM Apr 20th 2009

@Nanojason If you'd like to see a particular product in your store, let Guest Services there know. Thanks. 9:39 AM Apr 20th 2009

@brianmelzer We cannot offer you any additional advice as purchasing decisions are made on a regional level. 9:38 AM Apr 20th 2009

@jonmyers Sorry to hear about your experience; we do not intentionally leave any part of our store disorganized. 9:36 AM Apr 20th 2009

@charosaurus You'll have to check with your local store for availability of soy milk creamer powder. 9:35 AM Apr 20th 2009

@feedindy @littlemousy We have lots of events going on for Earth Day. Check w/ your local store calendar: 9:34 AM Apr 20th 2009

@LIVESTRONG_COM What would you like to see a feed of? We are adding products to our website: 9:33 AM Apr 20th 2009

@katherinemccoy @QualityFrog You can check w/ the folks in those respective depts. of your local store for nutritional info. Thanks. 9:25 AM Apr 20th 2009

@staceyleggate Consider first eliminating non-organic versions of the Dirty Dozen from your shopping cart. 9:11 AM Apr 20th 2009

@roycie There is both a 365 and 365 Organic line in many of our private label products, including milk. 9:06 AM Apr 20th 2009

@LauraMac09 We strive to minimize packaging in all areas of our store and encourage our manufacturers to do the same. 9:04 AM Apr 20th 2009

#30ways Avoid GMOs by choosing organic! 7:30 AM Apr 20th 2009

#30ways You're on a roll! Don't cut down virgin forests for toilet paper - switch to 100% recycled. 7:30 AM Apr 19th 2009

#30ways Go organic! Look for the USDA organic logo. Great choice: start w/ organic milk. 7:30 AM Apr 18th 2009

@Saintless @roxycross Only some stores are participating in the free Better Bag giveaway tomorrow. Check w/ your local store. #EarthDay 3:38 PM Apr 17th 2009

@mvandenack Check w/ Guest Services to see if they can help you locate; also try barley tea - great coffee substitute! 3:30 PM Apr 17th 2009

@houseofoptics Yes, you can find RBGH-free milk in our stores in Canada as well! 3:26 PM Apr 17th 2009

@Tmack512 You will be able to find matcha powder in many of our stores w/ the other teas. Check w/ your local store for availability. 3:25 PM Apr 17th 2009

@sheenabeans We do not have our store recipes online, but you can ask at your local store if they'll share their secrets. :) 3:24 PM Apr 17th 2009

@annanheim We have regional bakehouses that supply the wonderful baked goods for our stores around the country. 3:22 PM Apr 17th 2009

#followfriday Hooray! Our Global Cheese Buyer, Cathy Strange is on Twitter! Find her @WFMCheese. Find your store: 3:17 PM Apr 17th 2009

@AmyRan3 Hi Amy, Surprised to see your comment about our hiring practices - can you tell us more? Thanks. 2:29 PM Apr 17th 2009

@dianesager Yup, check out 9:56 AM Apr 17th 2009

@curvaceous Milk from cows that have not been treated with bovine growth hormones. 9:24 AM Apr 17th 2009

@johnerik Thanks! We're excited to be twitting and definitely want to hear any thoughts and ideas you have for us. Take care:) 11:58 AM Jun 27th 2008

@davidhwalker thanks for the shout out on both counts:) always open to new ideas, so let us have it if got one! 11:55 AM Jun 27th 2008

Spoke with Mark Bittman of and he's coming out with a new book, Food Matters, later this year. Cool stuff:) 11:27 AM Jun 27th 2008

More 5% Days! Park City, UT ( and Salt Lake City, UT ( Support local causes with your regular shopping! 9:20 AM Jun 27th 2008

Been almost too hot to grill here, but I might let the sun set and then venture out to the backyard to try these 2:10 PM Jun 26th 2008

Wed July 2nd - tons of 5% days! Petaluma, WA ( Louisville, KY ( Hillsboro, OR ( 1:54 PM Jun 26th 2008

This Week's Real Deal Tip Winners: Yay for $25 gift cards! 8:56 AM Jun 26th 2008

Too hot to cook? Go raw this summer! 'No Fuss Raw Foods' class at the Lamar Culinary Center - Austin 10am-12pm 12:42 PM Jun 25th 2008

Three new store openings today! Town and Country (St. Louis, MO). Reno, NV. Bayhill (Orlando, FL). Woot! 12:41 PM Jun 25th 2008

the debate on organics from china continues... what do you think? 2:03 PM Jun 24th 2008

jessica alba shops at whole foods! 1:58 PM Jun 24th 2008

hey austin animal lovers - 5% of what you spend at the downtown whole foods today goes to the humane society, animal trustees and emancipet! 8:59 AM Jun 24th 2008

love national geographic's green guide. 9:12 AM Jun 23rd 2008

get closer to your food and eat local! 1:50 PM Jun 20th 2008

shop at whole foods AND save money. seriously, it's the real deal 1:40 PM Jun 20th 2008

need help expanding your small, local food producing business? we can help! 1:38 PM Jun 20th 2008